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Once the fallopian tube twists or moves up, female infertility is easy to occur
Fallopian tubes are important female reproductive organs. The main functions of them are transporting sperms, eggs and the fertilized eggs. Therefore, once the fallopian tube twists or moves up, female infertility is easy to occur. Then how does the abnormal tube occur? And why can they affect infertility?
1. If the fallopian pipes are too thin, or tubal and pelvic adhesion emergences, the other pelvic organs will pull the tubes, making the original tubal location changed. In this case, distorted and upward fallopian tube appears. The “mission” of fallopian tube is difficult to achieve. Affected by this, the difficulty of conception will increase. And in more serious cases, it can lead to infertility. 
This kind of abnormal fallopian tube is mainly the result of congenital factors.
2.The position of fallopian tubes is related to body’s posture. Standing and sitting both will affect the fallopian tubes. When the fallopian tube moves upwards, the ovary may also ascend along with the shift. In general, it won’t affect the pregnancy. However, if the ovary is far from its original position, it can lead to infertility. The reason is mainly as follows: the tubal fimbria itself presents dissociative. So when the ovary is far from its original position, there will be difficulty for tubal fimbria capturing the eggs. As a result, infertility appears.
3. Oviduct inflammation. This is the main cause for distorted and upward fallopian tubes. Due to some objective and subjective causes of tubal inflammation, fallopian tube appears constant congestion, edema and so on, thereby slowly sticking the tube to the pelvic wall. Consequently, fallopian tube twists and moves up, eventually leading to infertility.  
Inflammations of the fallopian tubes are generally due to the acquired factors, such as vaginitis, chronic cervicitis and severe cervical erosion. Therefore, this kind of fallopian tube doesn’t recover spontaneously. 
Typically, patients, especially patients with fertility requirements must receive immediate treatment. And as sterilization is the key to the treatment of inflammatory disease, the patent medicine fuyan pill is worth a shot. It is effective in killing pathogens. And as it added many herbs that can enhance immunity, it can effectively prevent the disease relapse.
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