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How to Judge Whether the Fallopian Tube is Blocked? It is Easy to Test At Home!

When the woman is in the ovulation period, because the egg is matured, the oviduct enters the uterus. Therefore, the ovary secretes more tubal lubricating fluid than usual. The leucorrhea ensures the smooth flow of the fallopian tube, so the leucorrhea during ovulation will be more normal. It is more thin and transparent, with a lower concentration and is similar to the clarification of water.  In addition, vaginal discharge is also more than usual, healthy women can sometimes suddenly feel a warm current in the lower body, in fact, it is vaginal discharge.
The leucorrhea will lubricate the fallopian tubes, but without the vaginal discharge, the fallopian tubes will of course be blocked.  Women must have vaginal discharge, and vaginal discharge means the function of your uterus.  The role of the leucorrhea is that a substance secreted by the ovaries is used to lubricate the fallopian tubes. Now that the standard of living has improved, people eat more meat, and now the food contains more hormones.  This condition causes an imbalance between estrogen and androgen in your ovaries, and as a result, this function begins to decline.
What is the tubal blockage, take the water pipe in our house for example, if you turn off the main switch for an hour, then open, what will happen? Rust! Why is there? That means you have no vaginal discharge for a month, then there is no lubrication in the fallopian tube, and it will soon become sticky inside. It will appear as if the water break off the pipe, just as what it is happening in your fallopian tube.  If you don't get through the water at this time, it is likely to cause the most terrible disease for women - Ectopic Pregnancy!
Ectopic pregnancy is the sperm and egg after the successful impact, wants to return to the uterus from the fallopian tube, but cannot go back, stays in the fallopian tube for development, and finally the fallopian tube burst, you will die bleeding.  This is called ectopic pregnancy.
Therefore, a woman must have leucorrhea to lubricate the fallopian tube. If there is no vaginal discharge for one month, the fallopian tube may stick.  After the fallopian tube is blocked, many people will go for hydrotubation, but if it is not successful, it will easily cause ectopic pregnancy.  When the fallopian tube is blocked, the physical function must be restored, the liver function has to be adjusted, and then the hydraulic pressure will naturally help clear it through.
In summary, if a woman has a beautiful leucorrhea brushing every month, and there is little inflammation, the fallopian tube must be open.  If it does not work, the vaginal discharge secreted in the ovary cannot reach the uterus through the fallopian tube and is secreted through the cervix and vagina.  There is also a method of TCM judgment. female patients who have examined the fallopian tube can also check their own situation.
Whether the fallopian tube is smooth:
If you have blocked fallopian tube before or now, please touch the inside of your thighs with your hands. If there are large "fat" particles on the thighs, (somewhat like enclosed mass on lactobacillus of the breasts,  in fact, the written form is "lymph") then your fallopian tube must be connected to the uterus.
TCM treatment is to orally take Fuyan Pill, which can play various functions such as clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing phlegm and dampness. The treatment of tubal blockage can be achieved by eliminating the patient's symptoms and removing the lesion.

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