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Ovarian Cyst: Why is Prevention More Important than Treatment?

The ovarian cyst is a kind of ovarian tumors in a broad sense, which can affect women of all ages, but most of them are 20-50 years old. Patients with malignant ovarian tumors hardly have obvious symptoms, so the diagnosis becomes much more difficult in the early stage. 70% of patients seldom get early treatment, so they are already in the advanced stage. Therefore, prevention of the ovarian cyst is better than treatment of it.
In short, ovarian cyst refers to a mass formed inside or on the surface of the ovary. The substance in the mass is usually liquid, sometimes solid, or a mixture of solid and liquid. Ovarian cysts are as small as peas or cashew nuts in size at the initial stage. As the cysts grow larger, the masses will grow like a softball or even bigger.

Increased waistline: the sign of a deteriorating cyst
Because the ovaries located in the pelvic cavity, the tumors can not be detected by touching the abdomen in the early stage. As the tumor gradually aggravates, you can see increased waistline, and there may be mild abdominal distension. Malignant cysts usually grow rapidly, once obvious symptoms appear, it indicates the lesions are advanced. Therefore, patients should be vigilant against it and take care of your health condition.
Some middle-aged patients often do not any obvious discomfort. However, if we keep asking, most of them will say: “Recently I found my waistline increased, I can not wear the trousers which I used to wear.” Normally, when women have this symptom, they will think they are fat.
Increasedthe waistline is one of the typical early symptoms of ovarian malignancy. If girls during the puberty do exercise vigorously, there is acupunctural abdominal pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting. In some severe cases, some of them will have bleeding. All of those abnormal symptoms indicate that there is torsion of pedicle or cyst ruptures due to the rapid growth of the cysts, which may endanger patients’ life.
Four ways to deal with ovarian cysts
When you wake up in the morning, empty your stomach, and relieve yourself. Then take a prone position in bed, bend your hips and knees, relax your abdomen, press your fingertips down on all parts of the abdomen, especially on both sides. And touch carefully to see whether there is a mass or not. In this way, it is possible to self-detect ovarian cysts at the early stage. For thin, soft-skinned women, it is much easier.

Adolescence is a period of mature ovarian development and flourishing ovarian function. During this period, ovarian cells grow rapidly and are easily stimulated by various factors in vivo, resulting in ovarian cysts. 
Girls who develop very early or have sexual precocity(such as premature breast development, menstruation, and formation of mature body shape, etc.), irregular menstruation, frequent urination, abdominal pain, abdominal mass, and other symptoms, parents should take them to the hospital for examination in time. Professional physicians will determine whether they have ovarian cysts by special medical history inquiry, detailed physical examination, B-mode ultrasound, hormone determination, and other means.
Gynecological examination
Many gynecological diseases do not have early symptoms. Females must pay great attention to the gynecological examination. Whether they feel abnormal or not, they should consciously and regularly do a gynecological examination, especially for high-risk groups over 30 years of age. It is best to check every six months or once at least a year.
Ovarian cyst patients should keep a light diet, rich in nutrition. Correct unhealthy eating habits and avoid stimulating food. While avoiding high stress and mental stimulation, an optimistic attitude and enough sleep are also necessary.
When people know that they have cysts, they are afraid that it will become cancer. In fact, this is also a wrong perception. As long as patients actively cooperate with treatment in the early stage, cysts can become smaller or even disappear. 

There are two ways to treat cysts: in the case of a severe condition, surgical treatment is recommended. Conservative treatment is recommended for smaller cysts and milder condition. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment can be used, such as common natural medicines Fuyan Pill, which can relieve pain by promoting qi and activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Besides, it is benefitial to the organs and the condition of the disease. 
Fuyan Pill is made of natural herbs, so it is safe and efficient. Their medicinal effects can eliminate cysts and can promote recovery after an operation and prevent the proliferation of the affected area. Finally, I wish you to recover soon.

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