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Attention: salpingitis may be caused by long-term constipation
Salpingitis is a common kind of gynecological diseases. In general, it can be caused by neglect of the genital tract health and infection after gynecological surgeries. However, in addition to these common etiologies, there are some other causes of salpingitis, such as long-term constipation. 
A lot of people may be surprised at the relationship between constipation and salpingitis. How does this happen?
Long-term constipation makes the excrement remain in the intestinal canal. And the excrement contains various sorts of bacteria, viruses, mold and some other microorganisms. If not timely expelled, they are likely to move through the capillaries and lymphatic, invading the left fallopian tube and ovary. As a result, salpingitis occurs. What's more, as the right fallopian tube is adjacent to the appendix and the cecum while the left fallopian tube is next to the sigmoid colon and rectum, they are easy to be affected by the bacteria and virus in the excrement. Consequently, salpingitis appears.
From the above two perspectives, salpingitis is very likely to be caused by long-term constipation. Then when this happens, how to deal with the condition?
To treat salpingitis caused by constipation, the first thing for patients to do is killing bacteria and eliminating inflammation.
Generally, patient can take antibiotics to get a cure. However, antibiotic therapy is not suitable for long-term treatment. Dr. Lee reminds patients that if the antibiotic therapy doesn't work well, patients may as well choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment. For example, patients can take fuyan pill, a patented herbal medicine, to get a cure. 
Fuyan pill is invented by Dr. Lee over years of researches. With a reasonable combination of more than 50 kinds of herbs such as poria cocos, radix scutellariae and fructus gardeniae, fuyan pill is effective on killing bacteria, virus, chlamydia and some other pathogens.
Of course, in addition to reasonable treatment, healthy living habit is also a key. Patients can prevent this kind of salpingitis via preventing constipation. As constipation can be caused by long-term spicy and stimulating food, women should change the diet accordingly, eating more camerron food, vegetables and fruits, and drinking more water. In addition, women had better get into the habit of regular bowel movements.
To sum up, to treat salpingitis caused by the long-term constipation, both appropriate treatment and healthy living habits are necessary.
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