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Bleeding After Hydrotubation

Hydrotubation is a commonly used treatment for tubal issues. It does great help to female fertility. However, some women appear bleeding after the surgery, which arouses the attention of a lot of female friends. Is bleeding after hydrotubation a normal phenomenon? How to deal with this condition?

In this article, Dr. Lee, a specialist in reproductive system diseases, will give you a detailed analysis. 
Hydrotubation is to dilate or treat the fallopian tubes by an injection of a liquid medication or saline solution through the cervix into the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes. 
Dr. Lee points out that surgery can bring damage to the fallopian tubes, so it is normal for patients to experience a small amount of blood after the surgery. However, patients needn’t worry too much about this. The bleeding can be alleviated three to five days after the surgery.

If it is not mitigated, Dr. Lee suggests patients consult a doctor and choose some anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine. At the same time, patients are also suggested to pay attention to diet, personal hygiene, sex life, etc. 
However, if patients appear heavy or continuous bleeding, Dr. Lee reminds patients that it is necessary to do some checkups in the hospital to check whether there is inflammation. What’s more, the patient should also do long-term postoperative follow-up checks to see if she has endometriosis.
Dr. Lee also says, in addition to small bleeding, patients can also appear abdominal pain which is usually due to the low temperature of the liquid. This is especially common in the winter. And the pain can gradually disappear as long as patients drink more hot water or put heating pads on the abdomen. 
Hydrotubation is only suitable for slight tubal problems. And it can bring damage to patients. Therefore, once experiencing tubal issues, patients are recommended to receive more conservative treatments like traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment. Patients can take a TCM named Fuyan Pill to get a cure.
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