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Distal tubal blockage: symptoms and treatment
Distal tubal blockage generally refers to blockage in the fimbria end, namely the part of the tube closest to the ovary. Once the fimbria end of fallopian tube is blocked, the eggs will not be able to enter the fallopian tube and be fertilized. Consequently, infertility appears. 
The symptoms of fallopian tube obstruction mainly include abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, infertility and so on. Being a kind of fallopian tube obstruction, distal tubal blockage embraces most of these symptoms.
Irregular menstruation:
As tubal blockage is mainly caused by inflammation, and the distal tubal blockage occurs at the fimbria end, the inflammation can easily affect the ovary. When the ovarian function is influenced, irregular menstruation appears. Common types of irregular menstruation include heavy menstrual bleeding and frequent menstrual periods.

Abdominal pain:
Patients with distal tubal blockage may have varying degrees of abdominal pain. And the pain always aggravates with fatigue. Sometimes, the pain can be accompanied by urgency, frequency and painful urination if there is pelvic adhesion.
This mainly refers to secondary infertility. When the fimbria end of fallopian tube is partially or completely blocked, the normal pickup of eggs will be prevented. As a result, infertility occurs.
The dysmenorrhea is caused by pelvic congestion. In general, patients can feel abdominal pain a week before menstruation. The nearer it is to the menstruation, the severer the pain is.
Other symptoms:
Other symptoms of distal tubal blockage may include increased vaginal discharge, painful sexual intercourse, gastrointestinal disorders, deprementia and so on.
Tubal blockage is common reason for infertility, accounting for one third of the infertile females. Therefore, once diagnosed with tubal blockage, women are advised to receive proper treatment as soon as possible.
Fuyan pill:
Fuyan pill is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. With a channel ushering drug (guiding drug), fuyan pill can directly work on the lesions. As a result, it effectively treats the disease. In addition, as fuyan pill is pure herbal medicine, it won't bring damage to the patients. It is safe to use. So far, many tubal blockage patients are completely cured by this herbal medicine.
Fimbrioplasty is the main surgical treatment for distal tubal blockage. It refers to the plastic or reconstructive surgery which aims at repairing the fimbria that may be damaged or cause a blockage within the fallopian tubes. This procedure rebuilds the fringed fimbria end of the fallopian tube.

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