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Three Ways to Diagnose Hydrosalpinx
Hydrosalpinx is usually caused by injured tube from infections but the typical causes of it bacteria, which can hide in our body for years and destroy the delicate fimbria gradually and slowly. Diseases such as endometriosis sometimes are associated with it. When injured, our body will make inflammatory cells rush into the injured part, thus inflammation and late treatment will lead to loss of the fimbria and closure of the tube. The two fallopian tubes are usually infected by bacteria easily, and even though a hydrosalpinx can be one-sided, the other tube on the opposite side is often abnormal, which makes it a chief killer of female infertility. Therefore, it should be diagnosed as soon as possible.
At present we have three methods that can used to diagnose it, including HSG, ultrasound diagnosis and laparoscopy.
The (HSG) is a procedure in which dye is placed into the uterus and fallopian tubes through the cervix.  An x-ray test is done in the first 10 days of each month. If the fallopian tubes are filled with fluid, it appears as a large-sausage-shaped dilation of the tubes. HSG is the simplest and the most reliable test.
Ultrasound Diagnosis
It uses sound waves to image the tubes, and is safer and more comfortable than HSG. A normal fallopian tube is usually not visible and a hydrosalpinx appears as a characteristic sausage-shaped fluid collection between the ovary and fallopian tube. The wall of the hydrosalpinx is often thick and flat. It provides a quick and painless screen of the pelvic organs.
Laparoscopy involves the use of a small camera which is inserted through the belly button. Doctors will be able to observe pelvic organs on a television screen. Laparoscopy is the most standard test for hydrosalpinx, as it provides the best view of anatomy.
But the three methods mentioned above are not 100% accurate, and sometimes they can be misleading and miss significant tubal disease, and sometimes, they may show abnormal results when the tubes are in fact quite normal. Hence, we should ask our doctor to do the exams as carefully as they can. Once, confirmed, we should receive treatment and take some medicine such as Fuyan pill to make ourselves recover from it.
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