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Can hydrotubation open totally blocked tube?
As the major component of female reproductive system, Fallopian tube plays an important role in fertility or infertility. Once fallopian tube is blocked, it will be difficult to combine sperms and eggs, causing female infertility. Fallopian tube blockage is one main reason of infertility, so doctors suggest patients to treat it effectively. But can hydrotubation open totally blocked tube? 

Hydrotubation had a certain effect on the treatment of opening blocked tube before the 1900’s. However, along with the development of medical technologies, the misdiagnosis rate becomes high with the treatment of hydrotubation, misleading patients on the way of curing infertility and delaying the treatment. But why?

During the whole process of the treatment with hydrotubation, doctors are operating with hands and judging by their subjective feelings, which is difficult to confirm if it opens the blocked tube totally . What’s more, it is related to individual differences, the sizes of patients’ uterus are different, so that the injection rate will also be different. While doctors even can’t see the size of uterus during the operation. In addition, patients’ tolerances for the pain are different, doctors also could not be sure if the blocked tube is opening totally. For example, when hydrosalpinx occurs, fluid enters into the hydrops cavity, although 20ml fluid could be injected successfully, actually the fallopian tube blockage remains. At the same time, it’s also difficult to tell the blocked position and judge whether the fallopian tube is blocked at one side or at both sides with hydrotubation. The phenomenon of fallopian tube spasm will occur when patients feel nervous during the inspection period, making the injection face certain resistance and making doctors misdiagnose. Therefore, It’s unreliable to open blocked tube totally with hydrotubation.

In TCM’s opinion, fallopian tube blockage occurs mostly because of the poor blood circulation caused by damp-heat in lower energizer, which makes fallopian tube sticky, congestive and oedematous. To cure the disease, one should start with the medicine which has the function of clearing away dampness and heat and promoting blood circulations. Fuyan pill has been validated on the treatment successfully.

Fuyan pill is the complete herbal recipe with various functions. During the treatment of fallopian tube blockage with Fuyan pill, its materials of scutellaria baicalensis and liquorice which have the function of clearing away heat and toxic materials could kill potential bacteriovirus and eliminate inflammation; Poria cocos could nourish spleen and eliminate dampness; Shelled walnut,angelica sinensis and red flower could promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis and promote the peristalsis of fallopian tube. As a result, Fuyan pill could open blocked tube totally and achieve the effects of treating both symptoms and root causes.
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