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Recuperating of the fallopian tube with fluid while the other one is removed

Lots of women reluctantly remove their fallopian tubes with ectopic pregnancy due to the late recognition of it, because removing one fallopian tube means reduced natural conceiving chance.
Ectopic pregnancy is more common to see on women who have tubal adhesion, tubal blockage, or other tubal conditions owing to the stimulation from infection. However, the remained fallopian tube will form blockage and fill with fluids because of the transmitting of existed infection from the surgically removed fallopian tube, which leading to these women another risk of ectopic pregnancy.
Positive attitude and immediate treatment should be taken if the situation mentioned above happens and women don’t want to go through another surgery. What is more, women can also gain lots of advantages from this swift response, for the pregnant rate of natural conceiving is high and the cost is low.
Take the weakness of immunity and body of women after surgery into consideration, the treatment on the remained fallopian tube should be mild and gentle. One herbal medicine named Fuyan pill attaches an importance on recuperating after surgery.
Based on the TCM theory, tubal adhesion, blockage or fluid in fallopian tubes belong to leukorrheal diseases and the causes of this type of disease are blocked blood circulation and Qi, and dampness-heating in lower energizer. Therefore, curing principles are activating blood and resolving stasis,clearing heat and removing toxin, clearing heat and resolving dampness.
On the utilization of herbal medicine, adequate dosage, well-balanced ingredients and systemic curing are precondition of radical recuperating. The Fuyan pill, one herbal medicine that is used to cure tubal conditions, endometriosis, adenomyosis, chlamydia, PID and other gynecological diseases can soften the fallopian tube, eliminate the adhesion, clear the dampness and drain the fluids.
Moreover, the immunity can be improved and self- healing ability can be strengthened while the Fuyan pill works on nidus. This herbal medicine is gentle, so it won’t bring harm to healthy cells.
All in all, recuperating the fallopian tube after surgery to prevent ectopic pregnancy is important and necessary. Although preventions are simple, what matters most is choosing the right one based on one’s own condition.
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