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Salpingitis: An overview of Treatment Measures
1. General treatment 
Bed rest, semi-recumbent position to facilitate inflammation control and prevent ascending spread. Attention should be paid to nutrition and maintenance of water-electrolyte balance. 
2. Infection control 
According to pathogenic microorganisms and drug sensitivity test, appropriate selection of effective antibiotics, in a sufficient quantity and anti-inflammatory efficacy.

3. Surgical treatment 
For patients with salpingitis, immediate surgical removal of the lesion can be performed to prevent the rapid spread of inflammation and avoid it to develop into sepsis or become life-threatening. For pelvic abscess, if the sense of fullness and fluctuation can be felt by touching on the posterior fornix, surgical measures can be taken to incise and drain the pus. 
4. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment 

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that fallopian tube inflammation (Salpingitis) is mainly caused by Qi deficiency and blood stasis, damp-heat and stagnation, therefore, treatment should be based on the basic principles of anti-inflammation and pain relief, by promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, supplementing Qi and blood in order to comprehensively regulate the internal microcirculation. Fuyan Pill is a good example of this kind of formula, and it can be taken orally. The prescription maximally penetrates the herbal medicinal efficacy to the affected area, fully regulates the balance of Qi and blood, and achieves the purpose of eliminating both the symptoms and the root causes. 
Hazards of tubal inflammation: 
1. Causing pain: 
Different from dysmenorrhea, patients in the non-menstrual period will also feel lower abdominal pain, and unbearable waist ache. 
2. Affecting sexual life: 
This is the most common symptom of salpingitis, the occurrence of abnormal increase in leucorrhea, especially after menstruation and aggravated after fatigue, while there is an abnormal increase in menstrual flow, lumbosacral pain, and sexual intercourse pain, which seriously affect women's sex life. 
3. Ectopic pregnancy: 
ectopic pregnancy

If salpingitis is too serious, it will cause a complete blockage of the lumen and lead to infertility, thus affecting the pregnancy. The worst part is, due to fertile eggs cannot reach the uterine cavity, ectopic pregnancy could happen endangering women's life and health. 
4. Leading to female infertility: 
Tubal inflammation is the most common cause of female infertility. Once the fallopian tube inflammation occurs, it will cause fimbrial atresia or tubal mucosal destruction, eventually leading to tubal occlusion, and later female infertility. 
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