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Why Can't You Get Pregnant After Hydrotubation?
Hydrotubation is to pass a tube into the uterine cavity of the examinee, and then inject 20ml of liquid medicine through the tube. The medicine flows through the fallopian tube from the uterine cavity to the pelvic cavity.

According to the characteristics that the uterine cavity can only accommodate 5 ml volume, if all 20 ml solution can be injected smoothly without resistance, and no liquid can be refluxed into the syringe after relaxing the syringe tube, suggesting that the solution has entered the abdominal cavity through the uterine cavity and fallopian tube cavity, indicating that the fallopian tube is unobstructed; if the resistance is large, more than 10 ml of solution after relaxing the needle tube is refluxed into the syringe, indicating that the fallopian tube is obstructed; if there is any resistance, but still able to inject most of the fluid and only a small amount of reflux, indicating that the fallopian tube is unobstructed.

Although the hydrotubation has a certain effect on the treatment of tubal obstruction, the volume and surface area of the uterine cavity are much larger than the cross-sectional area of the tube and tubal cavity, so the pressure of injecting fluid into the fallopian tube is very limited.

The severity of fallopian tube obstruction can not be clearly defined by the liquid flowing through the fallopian tube. There is no injected liquid in the process of hydrotubation can be seen, so the location and severity of tubal blockage can not be determined.

Hydrotubation can only treat some obstruction of fallopian tube in structure, but can not solve the abnormal function of muscle peristalsis and cilia swing. Many diseases such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammation diseases, tubal pregnancy surgery will lead to abnormal function of fallopian tube muscle peristalsis and cilia swing, affecting pregnancy.
Moreover, before hydrotubation, the doctor does not know whether the patient has vaginitis, endometritis, etc. or not, so it has great blindness. The patients with these diseases are likely to bring pathogenic bacteria (such as mycete, trichomonas, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc.) into uterine cavity, fallopian tube and abdominal cavity during the procedure, resulting in adverse consequences. For example, chlamydia can produce toxins that cause blockages in the genital tract and induce infertility.
In addition to normal fallopian tubes, pregnancy also requires the following conditions:
1. Ovary expels normal eggs.
2. Normal semen with normal sperm
3. Eggs and sperm can meet in the fallopian tube and become fertilized eggs.
4. Fertilized eggs are smoothly transported into the uterus
6. Endometrium has been fully prepared for fertilized eggs implantation.
Any abnormality in these links can hinder conception. The reasons for obstructing conception may be the woman, the man or both. 

Pregnancy is a complex physiological process. The probability of natural conception is about 20%-25% per month. It is normal that there is no pregnancy in several months after hydrotubation. If women are not pregnant for more than one year, the husband and wife should go to the hospital together for examination.

If other diseases affecting women's pregnancy are detected, such as pelvic inflammation, endometriosis and so on, they should be treated actively. Taking Fuyan Pill can treat female infertility caused by gynecological diseases and inflammation.
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