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How Does Natural Medicine Treat Tubal Obstruction With Hydrocele in the Ampulla?
The normal function of the fallopian tube is extremely important for conception. It can capture eggs from the ovaries to mature in the abdominal cavity, and provide an upward channel for sperm to meet and fertilize the egg in the fallopian tube ampulla. It also provides the best internal environment for the division and differentiation of fertilized eggs.

A rhythmic peristalsis of the fallopian tube sends the pregnant egg to the uterine cavity for implantation. If tubal presents pathological changes to cause obstruction, it can lose above all function and cause sterility. Oviduct disease is a major cause of infertility, accounting for 25 percent of infertility, and obstruction is the most common thing.

Specific symptoms are as follows:
1. Dysmenorrhea: The closer is the menstrual period, the more severe the pain will be, noted for the onset of menstruation.
2. Irregular menstruation: The common manifestation is excessive amount of menstruation or significantly increased menstrual frequency.
3. Abdominal pain: The lower abdomen will have pain, but the degree is different, there are light and medium. Most are hidden discomfort.
4. Infertility: Fallopian tube is damaged by disease in some degree , further caused by the obstruction of the fallopian tube, and leading to infertility.
5. Other clinical manifestations: Such as the pain of sexual conduct, increased leucorrhea, gastrointestinal disorders and so on.

Herbal medicine treatment of tubal effusion by supporting the healthy energy, clearing heat and detoxification, clearing dampness, anti-inflammation, relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and unblocking blood stasis, these are the overall consideration as the basic rule. 

It can strengthen the body immunity, accelerate blood flow, tonify Qi, improve microcirculation, reduce capillary permeability, detoxification, improve the action such as pelvic local microcirculation and nutrition effects.
If we adopt herbal medicine treatment, and strengthen the principle of treatment rule, tThere are some herbal medicine choics such as Fuyan Pill.
Fuyan Pill is characterized by thorough sterilization and anti-inflammatory. The ingredients of Fuyan Pill includes angelica, peach seed, safflower, licorice, gardenia, atractylodes, yam, woody incense, corydalis corydalis, honeysuckle and other over 50 kinds of herbs, with the effect of removing blood stasis, clearing adhesion and effusion and opening fallopian tubes.

These effects are conducive to the discharge of congestion in the body of patients, relieve the pain in the lower abdomen and eliminate irregular menstruation and other problems, and at the same time, it takes into account the immunity restore, which is conducive to the reproductive health of the patients.
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