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If Your Ovary, Uterus and Fallopian Tube Can Talk
If your ovary, fallopian tube, and uterus can talk, what do you think they will talk to you? What kind of care do they need? What kind of requirements will you have? 
1. Ovary
I am the ovary, an essential organ of your body, and you are a woman who should mostly attribute the success to me.

I hope that you can pay attention to my health. If I get sick and aging, your skin will be aging, the sex life will be unpleasant, and painful. Even worse, your bone will become porous and weak, and the fertility will be lost.
I hope you can give me a physical examination and make an ultrasound to see my condition regularly. I hope that you can pay great attention to my health because I am very vulnerable, smoking and abusing drugs arbitrarily will hurt me. If you have dysmenorrhea, you should see if I have chocolate cysts which can destroy me badly.
I promise that I will finish my work on time. I will ensure that there will be one mature egg and ovulate regularly every month. Every month I will secrete estrogen on time after each ovulation to protect your endometrium from malignant transformation.
2. Uterus
My name is uterus. Are you asking me why I call this name? Oh, because I'm the place where the fetus develops and grows, you can also call me the babysitter. Of course, if you are infertile, mostly it is not my problem. The three most common causes of infertility are no ovulation, sperm problem, and tubal blockage. If there are no eggs, no sperm, and no passage for the eggs and sperm to bind, there will be no fetus. How can I help you to care for your baby?

If the ovary and fallopian tubes can work well, you can naturally get pregnant. If you don't want to have children, please take proper safety measures to protect me. Repeated pregnancy and abortions are very harmful to me, they will make endometrium thin and adhesions. In the end, I may be unable to help you complete the reproductive task.
3. Fallopian tube
My name is the fallopian tube. I'm tiny and inconspicuous, and if I don't get sick, you may even not notice me. My job is to transport sperm, eggs, and fertilized eggs so that they can meet and bind on my territory, and then I will send them to the uterus.
If you want to have children, I'm a critical link. Although I am usually non-salient, I hope that you can take good care of me. If I have blockage or hydrosalpinx, you may be unable to conceive. I heard that the curative effect of the natural medicine Fuyan Pill is excellent. It will not cause harm to me and has no side effects. It can activate your blood circulation, remove blood stasis, clear heat and detoxify, effectively kill all pathogenic bacteria. Furthermore, it can also improve your immunity, and treat the blockage and hydrosalpinx thoroughly.
4. Vagina
Hi, I am the vagina. What I want to say is that unhygienic sex can destroy my environment, leading to my flora imbalance. I will be suffering from bacterial vaginosis, trichomonal vaginitis, mycotic vaginitis. I may also be infected with condyloma acuminatum,scratching, and burning hurt me. Sometimes when I feel bad, you still want to have sex, which is even more painful to me. If I smell bad, it will also make you feel embarrassed, right? So please pay great attention to my health.

Master, please pay more attention to protect us from being hurt. It's better to give us a comprehensive gynecological examination every other time to prevent us from being invaded by bacteria and viruses and causing unnecessary damage.
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