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There Are Many Types Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Natural Pregnancy Can Be Achieved In These Cases
Can you get pregnant after the fallopian tubes are blocked? Actually, which it comes to the blockage of the fallopian tubes, fertility and pregnancy are what patients often concern about. When realizing the blocked fallopian tubes, many females often worry that they can only have a baby via IVF. But generally speaking, there are many types of blocked fallopian tubes, and not all of them will lead to infertility.

1. The fallopian tubes are open while not smooth.
Don't be too nervous in this situation, which may be caused by mild adhesion in the tubes or oviduct stenosis. The difficulty of the treatment is relatively low, and usually, natural pregnancy can be achieved by opening the fallopian tubes through a laparoscope.
2. The fallopian tubes are impeded to some extent.
At this point, the damage to the fallopian tubes is not very serious, and the main function of the tubes is not impacted. It can be solved surgically, with about 50% to 80% of success rate. The likelihood of a natural pregnancy after a cure is usually high.
3. The fallopian tubes are completely blocked.
In this case, the fallopian tubes are often badly damaged, and it is impossible to get cured totally. However, it is suggested that couples should actively try dredging treatment first, and don't rush to take IVF.
Treatment varies depending on where the fallopian tubes are blocked.
1. Proximal fallopian tubes are blocked.
This condition accounts for about 10% to 25% of tubal diseases. Proximal guide wire dredging, or partial oviduct resection and anastomosis can be adopted.
2. Mid-tubal obstruction
It is not very common, and the oviduct anastomosis is a common surgical procedure in this case.
3. The distal fallopian tubes are blocked.
This condition accounts for about 85% of tubal diseases. Common surgical methods include salpingostomy, salpingoplasty, salpingectomy and so on.
Tubal blockage is not a simple problem. According to different tubal blockages, and whether there are dropsy, adhesion and other conditions, the treatment plan will be different. What's more, to better improve the female reproductive health, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can also be recommended. It has great effects on eliminating painful symptoms, kill bacteria and viruses, and improving female menstruation. It has no side effects, so female patients can take it safely to help them get well soon.

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