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Can Aloe Vera Treat Blocked Fallopian Tubes?
Aloe vera is a common plant, whether it is taken orally or externally, it has excellent effect. It usually can be directly smeared on the wound with a nourishing effect on the skin, and it can reduce the invasion of a variety of skin diseases. Aloe vera has the function of activating cell vitality, delaying skin aging, astringent and harmonious skin, nourishing skin and protecting skin, and can also make skin elastic, tender and smooth. As we all know, the main function of aloe vera is used to inflammation alleviation.

Most people with blocked fallopian tubes are caused by inflammation. So, can aloe vera treat blocked fallopian tubes?
Aloe vera can play a mitigating role to some extent. Because aloe vera is rich in niacin and vitamin B6, it has the function of strengthening stomach, anti-oxidation, anti-fibrosis, anti-inflammation, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, repairing gastric mucosa and relieving pain.
It can relieve pain to fallopian tube blockage to a certain extent, but it can not play a complete therapeutic role. So females with fallopian tube blockage symptoms should go to the hospital in time for treatment. 
Fallopian Tubal blockage is usually treated clinically by drug therapy and surgery. 
1. Drug therapy
For tubal blockage caused by inflammation, patients can choose drug treatment, such as hebal medicine Fuyan Pill. It can eliminate the symptoms. And it can improve the immunity and self-healing ability so that they can have a better physical status to naturally conceive with healthy babies.
2. Surgery therapy
Hydrotubation is a common method for the treatment of fallopian tube obstruction. But it is easy to misdiagnose, and the effect on the fallopian tube treatment is extremely poor.
Another is Hysterosalpingogram. It can not only know the location, level and nature of the fallopian tube blockage, but also can stop the recanalization treatment. This method is suitable for suspected fallopian tube blockage and women with a history of fallopian tube pregnancy.
Of course, there are also minimally invasive surgical therapies, which is also very helpful for the treatment of fallopian tube blockage. This method is safe and has no side effects, and it is also a good choice for females. Oviduct imaging also gets the attention of a lot of female friends.
In view of different degrees of fallopian tube blockage, of course, patients also can make a different choice. 
Upon different choices of females, they don't need to hear all kinds of hearsay, and just to understand a single way of diagnosis and treatment and be asked to select the methods of treatment, it may be a new damage to the body.

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