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What Things You Should Pay Attention to Before You Do a Hydrotubation?

 Hydrotubation is a method of tubal patency created in 80 years ago. As time goes on, and the development of medical science, it has completed its early history.
In the poor areas or hospitals with underdeveloped health conditions, hydrotubation is still a routine inspection method in the application for diagnosis of tubal patency and the method for the treatment of tubal blockage. This method is using methylene blue solution or saline inject from the cervix into uterus. Then from the uterus into the fallopian tube, according to the size of the push note liquid drug resistance and liquid reflux to tell whether tubal is open. Through the pressure of the liquid, it can restore the obstruction of fallopian tube.
But hydrotubation is injecting the liquid with a catheter into uterine cavity, volume and surface area of uterine cavity is much larger than cross-sectional area of the catheter and tubal lumen, according to the principle of fluid dynamics, the pressure is equal to the stress area of pressure. So pressure produced from injection liquid inside the fallopian tube is limited. Treatment effect is also limited in this way. And the hospitals that have advanced technology have entirely replaced this method by the uterus oviduct imaging inspection.
And with the rapid development of our medical technology, there are fewer and fewer females choose to use hydrotubation to cure their tubal blockage. Not only there are more better surgeries could replace this method, but also there are some medicines even showing outstanding effects on curing tubal blockage. Like the TCM fuyan pill from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic also has made amazing achievements on curing tubal blockage. And because it is made from natural herbs, there are increasing number of females prefer to use this pill to solve their tubal blockage problems. They are tired of bearing the painful processes of the surgeries, they also afraid of the low successful rate and the wound that would leave on their body.  
Things that you should pay attentions to before do a hydrotubation
Time: 3 ~ 7 days after menstrual is clean, 3 days banned sex before the surgery
You have done all kinds of infections and have confirmed that you haven't gotten pregnancy yet.
You should check leucorrhoea convention, blood, urine, blood pressure and temperature before the surgery.
Contraindications for this surgery
1. Menstrual cycle disorder has not been corrected yet.
2. Genital tumors existence in pelvic cavity.
3. Genital inflammation: acute or chronic recurrent period has not yet been controlled by drug treatment.
4. Poor body condition; there are serious hearts, brain, lung, liver, kidney and other important viscera lesions, a taboo disease of pregnancy.
5. The infertility problem has been confirmed caused by males.
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