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How to choose a better method to cure tubal blockage?

Fallopian tube obstruction is one of the important causes of infertility, which is familiar to people. About 1/3 female suffer from infertility for this reason. The number of women with tubal blockage is considerable. However, because of advancement of modern medicine, many methods to get rid of this disease are available to sufferers.
However, the cure rate still is a big problem because of the postoperative infection and the high recurrence rate. Therefore, how to give an end to this condition is concerned by more and more people.
All of the treatments for tubal blockage can be classified into two types, surgery and medicines. Then how to choose a better method to cure tubal blockage is a big problem for patients.
According to the specific approaches, the ways of treating tubal blockage are mainly two in the large extent. One is treatment by surgery. The most widely-used are: Resection of adh esions, uterine-tubal anastomosis and salpingostomy. However, the clinical treatment shows that surgical treatment does great harm to patients and the time for recovery is long with a low success rate. What's more, women may also have to face the loss of fallopian tubes, once the tubes are damaged and un-function. So it is not used frequently at present.
The other is treatment by drugs. As you may know that the medicine can be divided into western medicine and herbal medicine two kinds. Western medicine works faster than herbal medicine. However, the herbal medicine won't bring side-effect like the damage on organs like western medicine do. Chinese medicine believes that blocked fallopian tube is mainly due to Qi stagnation and blood stasis, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine can open the blocked fallopian tube by eliminating dampness and heat, activating blood and removing stasis without being limited to the place of tubal blockage. Herbal medicine also has many other functions that western medicine does not have like promoting self-healing ability and improving immunity and so on.
One Chinese medicine-Fuyan pill is strongly recommended for its good reflections from the many clinical treatments. As an herbal medicine, the Fuyan pill has various functions treating a series of gynecological disease like hydrosalpinx without surgery. Therefore, the Fuyan pill is an alternative for gynecological patients who are reluctant to get surgeries worrying the ensuing dangers and aftereffect, especially busy ones.
So it is not hard to find that herbal medicine is better than western medicine and surgery when curing tubal blockage.
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