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Which method is better to relieve hydrosalpinx pain?
Hydrosalpinx is a collection of fluid within the fallopian tube, often accompanied by closure of the distal (far) end of the tube, near the ovary. Fluid that normally flows through the tube becomes trapped by the blockage and the tube may swell, causing a hydrosalpinx. Some physicians feel that the tube must be surgically removed and the woman undergo IVF in order to conceive. Recent published data from our clinics indicate that this is often not the case.
The main symptoms of hydrosalpinx are the abdominal pain in one or both sides and increased vaginal discharge. As it can be diagnosed with laparoscopy and HSG, once appearing above symptoms, females can make a definite diagnosis through these methods. And if confirmed, patients should receive timely treatment.
At first a majority of patients took strong painkillers to ease the pain, but found the method was not wise. A litter effect as they had, the drugs had more side effects. In addition, the painkillers would become less effective when patients taken them frequently. Now patients are beginning to lay their hope on Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to some patients,fuyan pill not only has favorable therapeutic effect, but also effectively relieves pain. People may don't understand why the drug can relieve pain. Therefore Dr Lee explains in detail about the question.
TCM holds that the pain caused by hydrosalpinx is because of the blood stasis, and there is a saying that It is the obstruction that causes the pain, according to its differentiation and treatment. Ancient doctors concluded tubal nowhere was caused by the following reasons: Qi-deficiency, kidney insufficiency, blood stasis and Qi stagnation, etc. So its treatment should be in accordance with the principles of blood-activating, stasis-resolving and blood-nourishing. The drug can promote blood circulation, so as to improve the body or relieve pain.
Fuyan pill is made up of fifty kinds of natural herb. With the effects of activating blood circulation, dissolving blood stasis, eliminating heat and dampness and removing toxic materials, follows the TCM principles in treating hydrosalpinx. It eliminates both the existed blockage and underlying lesions of the disease, so it can effectively and radically cure hydrosalpinx. In addition, some herbs are added in fuyan pill to help recover the normal function of female reproductive system and enhance the patients' immunity. Fuyan pill improves the whole condition of the patients.Maybe many patients worry about the problem of drug resistance after taking long-term medicine like painkiller. That is not a concern for this problem, since the function of fuyan pill is completely regulating QI-blood balance and addressing both the symptoms and root causes, not just to relieve pain.
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