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Pricking Pain While Urinating: 5 Causes and Treatment
In life, some men will experience urine bifurcation, foamy or yellowish urine, and some even have stinging sensation during urination, so what is the reason behind this?
Urethritis is a relatively common urological disease, its causes are many, but when there is an urethritis, it is easy to appear urethral swelling. So during urinating, there could be pain or discomfort, that's how urethritis causes urinary pain.
For patients of gonorrhea, it is easy for them to appear urinal itching or burning sensation, and in the process of urination, there tend to be a tingling pain, besides, there could appear pimples and red rash on the location of the penis, so that gonorrhea is also counted as one of the reasons to cause urinary stinging.
Prostatitis can also cause stinging and a small amount of white or purulent discharge in the morning or during urination. 
4. Urethral calculus 
Urethral calculus is also a relatively common urinary disease, and the occurance of this disease is basically more on men, there are many causes for urethral calculus, this is also the cause for men to have stabbing pain during urinating.
5. Ejaculation is too frequent 
When men ejaculate too often, it is easy to cause the penis to be in a state of congestion, so that the penis becomes very fragile and this time the penile immunity decline, so that urinary discomfort and even tingling sensation appears.

For men who suffer from stinging urination, some experts recommend that they could take diuretic food to ease the pain:
1. The seed of Job's tears
In the records of Chinese medicine, the seed of Job's tears is a diuretic and dampness-removing food. So when there is a stinging sensation during urination, men could choose this for conditioning.
2. Watermelon 
Watermelon has a strong diuretic effect, because its moisture content is very high, and watermelon also contains elements which has a strong urinative efficacy. So for men with urinary stinging pain, eating watermelon can also be a good choice. 
3. Mung Bean 
According to the records of traditional Chinese medicine, mung bean has the effect of detoxifying, relieving heat and diuresis. 
mung bean

If the pricking pain or discomfort is very severe, men may need to seek medical relief. For the sharp urinary pain caused by urethritis, gonorrhea, prostatitis and other genital or urinary system inflammation or infection, male patients are recommended to orally take natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains herbs to heat-clearing and detoxifying, they play a very good on bactericidal efficacy, and along with the effect of blood circulation promoting, the pain of the patients will be relieved and go away. While the use of diuretic stranguria-treating herbs continue to eliminate urinary tract irritation, remove symptoms of frequent urge to urine.

At the same time, this natural formula enhances immunity and self-healing ability, to enable patients to have a better physical status after recovery.
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