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What Are Early Symptoms of Gonorrhea in Women?
Gonorrhea is short for gonorrhea Neisseria bacteria; it is a very common sexually transmitted disease in daily life. The incidence of this disease is in a high rate in our country, especially among young men and women. Gonorrhea is a kind of a disease that the patients would be despised by others. They do not only have to endure pain, but also have to bear great pressure. So, we will discuss what early symptoms of gonorrhea in women are in the following content.
There is an incubation period after women have infected with gonorrhea. Because of the females' urethra is shorter than men, and women's urethritis is lighter than men's. Generally at the beginning of the infection symptoms are mild, or may not have any symptoms. Two to three days after the incubation period, patients may suffer from vulva inflammation, itching, or pain while walking. These are some of the early symptoms of gonorrhea in women. Most of the women with gonorrhea will have urinary tract infections, the urethral opening redness, tenderness, at the same time accompanied by frequency urination, urgency urination, and painful urination. If you press vaginal anterior wall oppression urethra with finger, there will be a purulent secretion flow from urethra and urethral opening. These are also early symptoms of gonorrhea in females.
Women with gonorrhea also have gonococcus sex cervicitis; the main symptom is appearing a large number of purulent secretions, which also belongs to white discharge. And patients with congestion at the opening of the cervix, at the same time there will be overflow purulent secretion. If the acute phase has not received completely treatment in time, it will be transformed into chronic cervicitis, and you will get ascending infection. These are early symptoms of gonorrhea in women too.
All above are early gonorrhea symptoms among females. Do you have a clearing understanding of gonorrhea's early symptoms in women? In order to avoid the serious results of gonorrhea, attention should be paid to do preventive measures in daily life, for the patient, they must take effective treatment once infected with gonorrhea. Regarding to the treatments of gonorrhea, herbal therapy is used more widely than antibiotics.

Since many patients can't bear the side effects and drug resistance of antibiotics, they prefer to use herbal therapy. Like herbal therapy "fuyan pill" from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic to cure gonorrhea in females. This pill is made from natural herbs; it is as safe as the vegetables we eat. And it has eminent functions on killing pathogen of gonorrhea, eliminating inflammation, clearing heat, and promoting the blood circulation. Thus it could clear up all the symptoms of gonorrhea.
Once you have any sign of early gonorrhea symptoms, you should go to see your doctor and do some relative tests the sooner the better. Only in this way, could you solve the problem at the beginning.
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