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What Should Patients do If Antibiotics are Ineffective to Ureaplasma Urealyticum?
Ureaplasma urealyticum (UU) is the smallest prokaryotic organism between bacteria and viruses. On the one hand, UU resides on the surface of mucosal epithelial cells of the urethra and reproductive tract, and direct sexual contact is the main transmission route. On the other hand, indirect contact through contaminated clothing can also be a reason for infection. UU can not only cause vaginal, cervix, and other genital infections but also have a close relationship with miscarriage, infertility, and intrauterine growth retardation.

The treatment of UU is mainly taking antibiotics. At present, the typical clinical drugs mainly include tetracyclines, macrolides, and quinolones, among which tetracyclines are the first choice.
Although antibiotics can eliminate UU quickly, side effects such as drug resistance may occur. That makes the control effect of drugs on the disease worse and worse, causing the waste of drugs and delaying the treatment. If the patients find that UU symptoms are not relieved after taking antibiotics for a long time, the following measures can be taken.
1. Do a drug susceptibility test
Drug susceptibility test is the abbreviation of in vitro antimicrobial drug susceptibility test. It refers to a test to determine the ability to inhibit bacteria and eliminate bacteria outside the body. Generally, the blood, body fluids, and excreta of patients are used as specimens for bacterial isolation, culture, identification, and sensitivity determination to achieve the purpose of better diagnosis and treatment. To achieve the desired therapeutic effect, patients usually need a drug susceptibility test to select the most sensitive antibiotics and achieve the best efficacy.
After the drug susceptibility test, under the doctor's guidance, patients should select sensitive drugs that do not produce resistance to the drug to quickly see the curative effect after taking medicine and recover soon.
2. Choose herbal medicines
The advantage of herbs for curing UU lies in the more thorough anti-inflammatory effects and sterilization. While eliminating inflammation and making symptoms disappear, it also changes the environment that mycoplasma bacteria rely on to survive in the human body. Herbs can restore the body's resistance to mycoplasma. Therefore, after turning negative once, patients will not regain the disease.
Male patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, while female patients can take Fuyan Pill. Both medicines are developed from natural herbs and are specially designed to treat male and female urogenital diseases. They have few side effects and can effectively reduce pathogens such as UU without developing drug resistance. They are another option to help patients recover.
Moreover, if the condition of UU is still not relieved after taking the antibiotic prescribed by the doctor, it may not be the problem of drugs but for other reasons. The following three points need to attract the attention of patients.
1. Failure to follow the doctor's suggestion of re-examination
A significant reason for the recurrent attacks of UU is the incomplete treatment. Although they take medicines as the doctor prescribed, since the re-exam period is very long, it is difficult for many people to continue.
If patients want to know whether UU is gone, they should re-examine after two to four weeks of medication, and most of them should be re-examined again after three months. It can only be confirmed that the treatment is complete after patients turn negative.
2. No examination for sexual partners
UU infection is one of the most common diseases in both partners. If only one of them receives treatment, they can be infected by the other again, resulting in the recurrence of infection.
Therefore, when patients find UU infection, both men and women must be treated simultaneously, and it is recommended that both men and women be re-examed.
3. Mixed laundry
Many people's clothes are mixed for cleaning at home. Whether clothes belong to men, women, young or old, all are washed together in the same washing machine.
That is an important cause of cross-infection of many diseases. Especially for UU, it is likely to be transmitted through contaminated clothing. If patients ignore this aspect, other people are carriers as long as one person is infected. It is not easy to cure all of them.
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