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Mycoplasma infection: fuyan pill is the best TCM treatment in Wuhan
Mycoplasma infection is a sexually transmitted disease that troubled and is troubling many young people. And if not timely treated, mycoplasma infection will bring great harm to both men and women. It easily induces various reproductive system diseases, eventually affecting fertility. So in this article, the author will mainly introduce the best traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment in Wuhan to eradicate mycoplasma infection.
Why do we recommend using TCM to cure mycoplasma infection
The treatment of mycoplasma infection is mainly drug therapy. Generally, western medicine uses antibiotics for antimicrobial treatment. However, the effect is not so ideal. The reason mainly lies in that, the antibiotics are prone to produce side effects and drug resistance. Once these factors appear, a lot of disadvantages will occur. And this is also the cause for many patients receiving long-time treatment but failing to be healed.
On the contrast, TCM can well avoid the disadvantages in the antibiotic treatment. Being consisted with pure herbs, TCM is more secure and it is without side effect. In addition, TCM focuses on the overall regulation of human body. Therefore, it can completely cure the disease, not just simply eliminating the symptoms, but grubbing the causes of the infection.
Fuyan pill- the best TCM treatment in Wuhan for mycoplasma infection 
Although there are many TCM treatments to cure mycoplasma infection, medicines that can really play a permanent cure effect is seldom. Here the author recommend patients to adopt the national patent medicines diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill (for men) and fuyan pill (for women) for the treatment. 
Depending on the scientific research and accumulation, Dr. Lee, who specializes in the field of male and female reproductive and urinary system diseases, absorbed the essence of the ancient prescription, and finally created the two pills. They are proven to be very effective in treating mycoplasma infection and has cured many people. And from the previous treatment experiences, generally, they can completely cure the disease after 3 courses.
Last but not least, patients need to keep in mind that, sex life is prohibited after infection, so does share the towels or clothing. And it is better that both husband and wife receive the treatment at the same time. Only in this way can cross infections be avoided and the mycoplasma infection be throughly cured.

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