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Caution, three misconceptions of ureaplasma mycoplasma infection treatment
Many patients consider ureaplasma mycoplasma infection as a knotty disease which is difficult to cure. The reason mainly lies in that they don't understand this disease, strayed into the erroneous zone of treatment and choose the wrong medicine, thus causing repeated and lingering ureaplasma mycoplasma infection. Underneath, the author shall analyze a few misconceptions during ureaplasma mycoplasma infection treatment.  
1. Not recognized in time, missing the best treatment time
Mycoplasma is a pathogen that is different from bacteria and virus. But it affects the health of human body as well. Patients with early infection of ureaplasma mycoplasma can have the change of the urogenital system. They can appear symptoms such as urinary frequency, urgency and micturition stabbing pain. In addition, women can have abnormal vaginal discharge while men are accompanied by urethral orifice redness and perineal discomfort. 
Though these symptoms are apparent, they are not so serious that can cause the patients' alarm. Therefore, some people may treat them lightly, missing the best treatment time.  
2. The abuse of antibiotics- a non-standard treatment.
Once feeling unwell, instead of going to a normal hospital, some patients take antibiotics casually. But this not works for curing the infection, but makes it worse. The abuse of antibiotics can make the pathogen produce drug resistance, thus increasing the difficulty of treatment. 
Antibiotics do clear the infection rapidly and effectively. But the initial requirement should be the right medicine and dosage. The abuse of antibiotics or intermittent treatment won't work for the treatment. To have a more remarkable effect, ureaplasma mycoplasma infection patients can take traditional Chinese medicine fuyan pill (for women) or diuretic anti-inflammatory pills (for men).
3. The neglect of bad living habits
This is also a key cause for repeated and lingering ureaplasma mycoplasma infection. It is easy to be reinfected just rely on drug treatment and ignore the personal hygiene. Moreover, unsanitary sexual life is also responsible for this. Therefore, patients should take care of personal hygiene and avoid unsanitary sexual life. Besides, once one has ureaplasma mycoplasma infection, the sex partners should also do the cultivation of mycoplasma. If the result is positive, he or she needs treatment at the same time. 
In a nutshell, ureaplasma mycoplasma infection is not difficult to cure. As long as patients pay attention to the above three points, and meanwhile, take prescribed medications and follow the doctors' recommendations, they will soon be able to overcome this problem. For patients who take antibiotics but fail to eradicate the infection, traditional Chinese medicine fuyan pill (for women) and diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill (for men) are recommended. They can completely reach the effect of antibiotics, and won't produce drug resistance. Natural and harmless, they are worth a shot.
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