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Do I Need to Be Treated If There Are No Symptoms with Ureaplasma urealyticum?

It has been reported that the positive rate of Cervical Mycoplasma is as high as 60%. If there is mycoplasma infection after laboratory examination, and there are no clinical symptoms, it does not need to be treated but needs to be observed and followed up.
Many scholars have studied unexplained male infertility and found that there is semen of poor motility, nil sperm count, and abnormal sperm in men with UU positive. After receiving treatment, the motility has been greatly improved and abnormal sperm has been reduced, suggesting that UU may be the pathogen of infertility.
UU infection is a sexually transmitted disease with indirect infection. Even if you don't have any clinical symptoms, it is likely to infect your partner or family. If there are clinical symptoms, such as tingling in the urinary tract during urination, swelling of the penis, white secretion of the urinary tract and other symptoms, and mycoplasma infection is tested, it must be treated.
Medical research believes that mycoplasma is related to the incidence and spread of nongonococcal urethritis, pyelonephritis, epididymitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease, and patients are likely to be infected with other diseases at the same time, such as urethritis, chronic prostatitis, chlamydia infection, gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, etc.
It is necessary for patients to examine the relevant sexually transmitted diseases further, and take drug sensitivity experiments, so as to select the most sensitive drug treatment.

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