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To eliminate vaginal itching and abnormal vaginal discharge, appropriate treatment is the key

When females are infected with mycoplasma, the vagina and cervix are easy to be violated. When the two organs appear inflammation, patients often have symptoms like vaginal itching and abnormal vaginal discharge. To eliminate these symptoms, appropriate treatment is the key. Only with the right treatment can both symptoms and disease be completely cured. Here is a testimonial.
Ms Chen, 29 years old, comes from Inner Mongolia. She had suffered vaginal itching and abnormal vaginal discharge for years. At first, she was told to have bacterial vaginosis. However, though she tried many different drug treatments, she failed to eradicate the symptoms. So Ms Chen went to be rechecked, and she was diagnosed with mycoplasma positive this time.
After the susceptibility testing, the doctor prescribed her some doxycycline. After two-week treatment, symptoms were improved. Ms Chen thought the infection was completely cured. However, this was not the fact. 7 days after the drug withdrawal, Ms Chen went to be rechecked, and the result still showed mycoplasma positive. Under the proposal of a colleague, she knew the herbal medicine - fuyan pill, and decided to have a try.
Considering Ms Chen had severe vaginial itching, Dr. Lee, the inventor of fuyan pill, prescribed her an additional formula to stop itching. Ms Chen took fuyan pill for 2 bags everyday and also had sitz bath with herbs to stop itching. After one-month treatment, the symptom of vaginal itching and abnormal vaginal discharge were obviously improved. Dr. Lee asked Ms Chen to continue the treatment and pay attention to personal hygiene. Besides, in order to avoid cross infection, Ms Chen was also advised to avoid sex before the mycoplasma infection was completely cured.
After two treatment courses, all symptoms nearly disappeared. However, Ms Chen said her menstruation delayed for 7 days. Considering there was drug withdrawal during menstruation, and fuyan pill would establish new menstrual cycle during the treatment, Dr. Lee told her that this belonged to the normal phenomenon. Dr. Lee suggested that patients continue the treatment.
Finishing three-month treatment, Ms Chen went to be rechecked after 7 days' drug withdrawal. The result showed that all symptoms disappeared, and mycoplasma infection was completely cured. With the appropriate treatment, Ms Chen was radically cured! 
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