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Analysis of Infection Rates of Mycoplasma hominis on Male and Female
Mycoplasma is a special type of non-gonococcal urethritis and a microorganism. Clinical manifestations of mycoplasma infection are: yellow urine, reddish urethral lips, frequent urination, incomplete urination, urethral pain, burning sensation and other symptoms. Mycoplasma hominis is characterized by the need for steroids for growth.

Mycoplasma hominis is a large colony with a diameter of 300-1000 microns. The typical colony has the appearance of fried eggs. Long-term or repeated  and mycoplasma infections can destroy the endometrium of the cervix and fallopian tube, resulting in infertility. Mycoplasma infections are mostly transmitted through sexual behavior. If repeated infections are prevented, sexual partners should be treated as well.
A survey was conducted where the infection rate of Mycoplasma was 33.7% in males and 74.4% in females. Statistical tests showed that the infection rate of Mycoplasma was significantly higher in females than in males (P < 0.05). The cause of Mycoplasma hominis infection may be related to the structural difference of male and female reproductive system.

As the male genital tract and urethra overlap, the extracellular parasites are easily washed away by urine, while the female genital tract and urethra are separate physiological structure, lacking the protection of "urinary impulse", so they are more susceptible to infection than the female. Although men are less susceptible to infection than women, the survey shows that the infection rate of men is still high, reaching 37. 7%, so men should also pay attention to the prevention of mycoplasma.
Most doctors prefer antibiotic treatment and choose sensitive antibiotics through drug sensitivity test. However, under long-term antibiotic treatment, many people have drug allergy, drug resistance, or liver and kidney function damage. For this reason, patients who are difficult to cure by antibiotics have to turn to other treatment methods. At present, Fuyan Pill, a herbal medicine, can be used for the treatment of female Mycoplasma.

The antipyretic and detoxicating drugs in its formula can effectively kill  mycoplasma, and have the same antipruritic and bactericidal effects as gonorrhoea, mould and Trichomonas mixed infections. In addition, the prescription of Fuyan Pill has the effect of activating blood circulation, removing blood stasis, removing blood stasis and dispersing knots.

With effective relief to eliminate abdominal pain, pain, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms; combined with its Spleen-strengthening and dampness-promoting effect, it can effectively treat women with abnormal leucorrhea, menstrual disorders and other symptoms.

Mycoplasma infection is mainly caused by unclean sexual transmission, so during the treatment, couples or sexual partners should be treated at the same time. Condom protection measures should be taken to avoid cross infection when sharing a room. Underwear should be washed thoroughly and be sterilized in high temperature. If there are children or elderly people at home, toilet articles and bath, toilet mat should be separated for use .
To eliminate Mycoplasma infection, regular sexual partners should be maintained. In addition, if they have mould, Trichomonas or gonorrhea infection, they must be treated regularly. They should not increase the dosage or prolong the course of treatment without authorization so as to avoid the positive occurrence of conditional pathogenic mycoplasma. If patients have enough spare time, they can do more aerobic exercise to improve their resistance.
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