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The Best Time for Pre-pregnancy Mycoplasma examination
A prenatal examination is a necessary step to ensure the health of the next generation to a great extent. So, when is the best time to check for Mycoplasma before pregnancies?

Pre-pregnancy Mycoplasma examination is generally recommended to start 3-6 months before pregnancy, including both husband and wife. Women's pre-pregnancy check-up is best done within 3-7 days after menstruation is over, and you should pay attention to avoid sex before the examination.
Most of you may have heard of Mycoplasma infection, but you may do not know what it is. Mycoplasma is a kind of prokaryotic organism smaller than bacteria and larger than viruses, which widely exists between animals and humans. Up to now, several mycoplasmas have been isolated from the human body in medical experiments, which are related to the reproductive tract. The main ways of transmission are sexual contact and mother-to-child transmission, among which mother-to-child transmission is more common.
If Mycoplasma is positive before pregnancy, it is suggested that both men and women should be further examined. The person whose Mycoplasma is positive should be given regular treatment to avoid adverse consequences. If Mycoplasma symptoms occur during pregnancy, it may lead to abortion, premature delivery, and even fetal malformation. The damage to the fetus is almost irreversible.

During active treatment at the same time, it is recommended that infected people consider pregnancy after three months after the cure of Mycoplasma treatment because the mycoplasma-positive drugs can cause great harm to the fetus. If the remnants of mycoplasma-positive drugs remain in the body, they will affect sperm formation or directly lead to sperm formation. 
Child deformity affects the health of the fetus. Therefore, it is suggested that after being cured, there should be a certain transition period to try pregnancy preparation again.
The scientific prenatal examination can help you have healthy babies, in addition to this, expectant parents need to increase nutrition supplements, quit bad habits, and exercise actively to prepare for the arrival of babies in a healthy state.

Therefore, for the prenatal examination of positive Mycoplasma, it is recommended that expectant parents cure mycoplasma infection before pregnancy, male patients can use the common natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can effectively remove the pathogen of Mycoplasma so that it will not continue to cause damage to other organs.
In addition, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can also be used to repair the reproductive and urinary tract mucosa damaged by Mycoplasma, improve sperm viability or viability, and promote male fertility. Only health care guaranteed, can we achieve the goal of eugenics, have a healthy baby.
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