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Are Natural Herbs Helpful For Persisting Mycoplasma Infection?
Mycoplasma is the tiniest free-living disease agent that has been deserved in humans and it not belongs to a virus or bacteria, but have similar properties of them. The microbes have no cell walls and were primly views as have something to do with several strains of pneumonia. But the study reveals that there are more than seven kinds of mycoplasma, which would lead to or may be the reasons that relative to some serious diseases.
Mycoplasma pneumonia is usual to be found in children and those younger than 40, being highly contagious and it could always transmitted through coughing, sneezing and sexual activities. And as it has no cell walls, mycoplasma are able to bring great damage to the body, thus the immediate treatment is needed for it.  
Common antibiotics are always not that effective, they are hardly to cure Mycoplasma completely. Luckily, doctors find that, there are many Chinese herbs that could help to kill mycoplasma and disable the opportunistic infections. What’s more, some herbs are found have effects on enhance human's immune system. Below are the useful herbs for curing mycoplasma.
Green Tea
Green tea in common in every daily life and it is easy to get for everyone. Green tea could do some help on anti-inflammation, strengthening the immune system, and keeping away from cancer, contains materials that has highly functions of disease-fighting . Antioxidants and other medicinal agents in green tea could reduce urethritis, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC).
Mullein is astringent, acting as an expectorant to break up congestion in the lungs and airways, according to Health-Care-Clinic.org. It could not only cure mycoplasma, but also could reduce symptoms of it. It's a potent germicide and reduces inflammation.
Seneca Snakeroot
Seneca snakeroot is another herb that has shown efficacious in curing for mycoplasma-related pneumonia. Like mullein in action, this herb reduces congestion in the airways, playing a role as an expectorant to help the patient cough up tough mucus and phlegm. What’s more, Seneca snakeroot is helpful for relieving mycoplasma symptoms.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Traditional Chinese Medicine "fuyan pill “for females, and "diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill" for males, which have also shown amazing effects on treating mycoplasma. TCM can effectively avoid the disadvantages inside the antibiotic therapy. Getting consisted with pure herbs, TCM is a lot safer and it's without side impact. Additionally, TCM focuses around the general regulation of human body. Consequently, it might entirely cure the disease, not only just eliminating the symptoms, but grubbing the causes of your infection.
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