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Why are Office Ladies Susceptible to Urethritis After Long-time Sitting?
Urethritis is a common infection, especially for white-collar women. Working in a sedentary lifestyle can affect the health of the urethra, resulting in urethritis, which in turn affects women's health. If not treated in time, it can also affect fertility in the future. Is it reliable to say that sedentary women in the workplace can easily get urethritis? Why?

Having less exercise, being sedentary, drinking less water, holding urine, and other bad driving habits can all make sedentary people susceptible to urethritis and other infections. 
Some studies have shown that women who are sedentary for more than 6 hours a day are prone to heart disease and cancer, with a 37% higher probability of premature death than women who sit for less than 3 hours, compared to 18% for men in the same situation. That is to say, women who are sedentary in the workplace run a higher risk of suffering from various health problems.
When women sit for a long time, the vulva is locally humid and stuffy for a long time, which will accelerate the breeding and reproduction of bacteria around the urinary system, thus accelerating the lesions. In addition, the female urethra is short and straight and has a low defense against bacteria and viruses. 
The perineum, vagina, and anus are close to the urethra. As a result, urethritis can easily occur when the body's immunity is low. At the same time, if women have sex before and after the menstrual period, there is a high chance that bacteria from the perineum will be brought into the urethra and cause infection.
When a woman finds urethritis, she should not feel embarrassed or leave it alone because of her busy work. The most striking feature of urethritis in women is the lack of apparent symptoms or clinical manifestations. The infection is mostly concentrated in the cervix, manifesting as cervicitis and cervical erosion. The lack of specific clinical manifestations makes early diagnosis difficult. 
A few patients only have an increase in leucorrhea. Very few patients can show signs of urethral irritation while manifesting as frequent urination, difficulty in urination, pain, and burning sensation in the urethra. Besides, they are prone to complications such as endometritis, salpingitis, infertility, proctitis, etc. Therefore, it is essential to go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid serious consequences or complications.
Urethritis caused by prolonged sitting needs to be treated promptly and effectively. Women can listen to the doctor's advice when the infection is identified and choose sensitive antibiotics for anti-infection treatment. Women are also advised to take herbal medicines that clear dampness and heat. 
For example, Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic's patented drug Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a strong effect of clearing heat, detoxifying the body, strengthening the spleen, and eliminating dampness. It has many years of clinical experience treating female urethritis caused by inflammation in women. Also, it can be taken directly, which is friendly for busy working women.
In the meantime, active prevention in daily life is essential. For women in the workplace, some simple actions can effectively reduce the harm caused by being sedentary. Commuters can stand up and move around after they keep sitting for an hour; women should get up for some appropriate walk after driving for about an hour; they should drink more water and avoid holding urine. Women can pay attention to exercise to enhance their immunity. Women should keep the perineum dry and clean and prevent sex around the menstrual period.
Therefore, women in the workplace should always be alert to urethritis. Once women have urethritis, they don't have to be too stressed. They need to treat it in time and change bad habits so that they can be healthy and beautiful.
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