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The different symptoms and prevention of urinary tract infection between man and woman
The main symptoms of urinary tract infection are frequent urination, urgency, dysuria. And the symptoms are the same in men and women. However, even the disease and symptoms are the same, the type of treatment and prevention of different gender are not the same. How to make the prevention and treatment of different gender? It is a question need to have a deeply thinking.
Overall, the prevalence of male urinary tract infection is lower than female. Prostatitis, urinary tract infection may be the incentive of this disease, and it may also the consequence of the frequent urinary tract infections. Therefore, if you want to have a treat, you should not only to overcome the treatment of urinary tract infections, but also the prostatitis is a must.
Female's high occurrence of urinary tract infection is closely related to the health habits. Therefore, women should pay particular attention to the hygiene. Female's urethra is shorter than men, so it is more easily to suffer from the acute and chronic urethritis, especially infected from the vulnerable bladder and vagina. And once got it, the urethra will painful with burning sensation when urinating. It is usually occur within twenty four hours. Some patients may have the white or yellow vaginal discharge, and often ignored by the little weight.
For mostly middle-aged women, the infection of urinary tract is related to sex. So we should have to remind that the hygiene after sex must be given a highly attention. The best way to avoid it is to urinate after sex because urine can take away some bacteria, and reduce the rate of infection.
Once you get the disease, to choose a good way to treat it is very important. We know that the western medicine can bring the harmful effect on our body, so most people choose the TCM. In the TCM, the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill and the Fuyan pill can give an unexpected result on the urinary tract infections. These two drugs is the patent medicine developed by Dr. Lee, and the pills are made of herbs which are natural and safe. It is undoubtedly a good choice for the people in trouble.
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