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Red Dates Are Not Advised for Women With Urethritis

The nutrients in jujube are much. It has always been good for women's health and beauty. But when a female suffers from urethritis, it is better not to eat red dates. At this time, if you eat red dates, it will aggravate the condition. Though it is good food, it is not advisable to eat more.

Today we will have a detailed understanding of this aspect of knowledge.

“Eating three red dates a day, not grow old for a lifetime” is enough to show how important the red dates are for females. Jujube is sweet and warm in food attribute, it goes to the spleen and stomach, and has the effect of replenishing vital energy, nourishing blood and calming the nerves, and alleviating the medicinal properties.

Applicable to spleen and stomach weakness, Qi deficiency, insomnia, palpitations, night sweats, dysentery, irregular menstruation, physical weakness and so on. However, the reason why "three red dates a day" is because red dates are sweet and non-toxic, but they are hot and humid in food attribute, so they can't eat more, especially those with damp heat. If you eat more, there will be adverse reactions such as thirst, bloating and so on.

Many patients with urethritis do not pay much attention to what they eat, and they tjink there is nothing to avoid. However as a matter of fact, if you have urethritis, you should pay attention to the health care especially diet.Jujube is not as good for urethritis patients as it is supposed to be. Patients with urethritis who eat many red dates can be under risk of urinary dysfunction.

Urinary tract infection is a general term for diseases such as pyelonephritis, cystitis, and urethritis caused by bacteria. Generally speaking, low back pain, frequent urination, urgency to urinate, and dysuria are the main clinical features.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this disease is caused by hot and humid bets, affecting the kidney and bladder, and causing urethritis. Jujube is sweet and easy to cause humid dampness to be accumulated in the body, leading to poor urination.

At the same time, due to the hot dampness attribute of the jujube, it is easy to increase the symptoms of phlegm and burning pain. Therefore, people with urethritis should not eat much.

In addition, for females with urethritis, it is recommended to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill in time. Because it is a complete prescription, there are many medicinal herbs in its formula. The ingredients such as psyllium seed and the seed of cowherb can play the role of diuretic leaching.

At the same time, psyllium and houttuynia together can also clear away heat and detox; what's more, peach kernel, angelica, radix paeoniae, etc. can all play a role in promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and can completely cure urethritis without recurrence.

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