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How Does Urethritis Cause Ejaculatory Dysfunction?

Ejaculatory dysfunction refers to the phenomenon of ejaculatory weakness in a pathological state that semen cannot be normally excluded during the orgasm of sexual excitement. As one of the sexual dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction is a disease with a high incidence in male. Ejaculatory dysfunction has brought severe problems to many male friends' sexual life and daily life.

Urethritis can induce the production of anti-sperm antibodies, chlamydia, and mycoplasma, and can make the human body produce antibodies, and these antibodies may induce the human body to produce anti-sperm antibodies, thus causing infertility. And sometimes urethritis will cause infection of adjacent organs of the urethra, such as epididymitis, which can cause an obstruction and prevent sperm from being transported out of the testis.  
In the case of prostatitis, there may be a large number of white blood cells in semen, which will lead to infertility. Male friends need to see a doctor in time. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively eliminate inflammation and improve symptoms. Male urethral infection can directly affect the urethral epithelium and form scars in the infected area. This condition can cause urethral stricture, difficulty in urination, and obstruction of ejaculation.
Urethritis can also cause:
1. Low immunity: At the same time, some patients have low immunity, such as diabetes, cancer, liver disease, malnutrition, or other chronic diseases.
2. Neurotensive factors: some symptoms of urethral irritation originate from mental factors, which is a unique manifestation of neurosis; some patients with allergic constitution have a certain curative effect on anti-allergic treatment, which indicates that some patients are related to an allergic reaction.

3.  Other complications: If the condition is repeated, long-term inflammatory damage, resulting in damage to urinary tract mucosa, pelvis, and calyx, fibrosis, deformation.
4. Renal failure: the major characteristic of urethritis is that it is easy to turn into a chronic infection, and sometimes it can even cause chronic renal failure. According to statistics, the harm and treatment of male urethritis, 25% of chronic renal failure is caused by urethritis.

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