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Urethral Itching in Men: Can It Be Urethritis?

Urethral itching is mainly caused by inflammation of the urethra, inappropriate sexual lifestyle, and poor hygiene. These factors can irritate the urethral mucosa and cause itching discomfort.

When urethral itching occurs, the patient should go to a regular hospital for treatment and avoid sexual activity until the symptoms of urethral itching have not fully recovered. Even if symptoms go away, they should pay attention to using condoms during sex for the next 2-4 weeks to avoid spreading the germs to their partner.
Male urethral itching is most common in urethritis. If the patient has urethral itching accompanied by the following symptoms, it can be diagnosed as urethritis.
1. Chronic urethritis reduces urethral secretions. Urinary irritation is not as evident as in the acute phase, and some patients may be asymptomatic.
2. Frequent urination is accompanied by urgency and dysuria. Many patients with urethritis have burning pain in the urethra when urinating, frequent urination and urgency, and even difficulty urinating.
3. Increased secretions. The primary symptom of acute urethritis in patients with infectious diseases is that many urethral secretions start to be mucous and gradually become purulent. Urethral secretions are rare in women who transmit diseases.
4. Some male patients with urethritis have non-specific symptoms, such as body soreness, abdominal distention, and back pain.
The most common cause of urethritis is a sexually transmitted infection. Urethritis can also be caused by bacteria, which are usually transmitted to a man's penis during unprotected sex. These bacteria can cause inflammation of the patient's urethra. After the occurrence of urethral inflammation, inflammatory mediators are released due to the inflammation process, and these substances are the direct stimuli for itching and discomfort.
A small percentage of urethritis can be caused by excessive friction during masturbation or intercourse or an allergic reaction to soap or detergent. When the urethra is stimulated, there will be an immune response, and at this time, apparent allergic phenomena will appear. This allergic reaction is different from the usual skin allergies and drug allergies. It is just an emergency response of the urethral mucosa to adverse stimuli.
There are many causes of urethritis. If the patient ignores the hygiene of the private parts, the underwear will be wet for a long time. These conditions provide a good environment for bacteria to grow, so it will cause inflammation of the urethra, resulting in itching and discomfort.
If men suffer from urethritis, they must take treatment actively. Patients can use traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. Its diuretic and dredging effect can effectively relieve the patient's urethral irritation and improve the symptoms of dysuria.
Preventive measures for male urethritis:
1. Patients should avoid sexual behavior, abstain from alcohol, and eat spicy food before the urethritis is cured.
2. Male urethritis caused by specific etiologies will be contagious. Therefore, do necessary isolation in the family. Bath towels, bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, etc., should be used separately or disinfected after use.
3. Patients should avoid risky sexual behaviors and spreading the disease to others. Use condoms as much as possible during sex to minimize the risk of infection.
4. Regarding diet, patients must drink more water, eat more liquid food, and urinate regularly. They are best every 4 hours to help clean the urethra.
5. The urethra must be kept clean, especially after urinating, to clean the urethral opening in time to avoid infection of the urethra by foreign bacteria.
6. Men should urinate as soon as possible after sex to flush away bacteria and reduce the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms.
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