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Why is Summer the High-Incidence Season for Female Urethritis?
Sweat gland secretion is very vigorous in summer, sweating back is a common thing, even sitting in the air-conditioned office building, people will obviously feel that the number of times to go to the bathroom is much less. Here's a reminder that if you don't like drinking water and wear tight pants, and not keep your private part hygienated, it is easy to catch urethritis in summer.
1. High local temperature, prone to bacteria

In summer, women's private parts will not be "cool" if the underwear quality is low, such as not pure cotton, poor air permeability, which is easy to cause a local high temperature, and if coupled with heavy sweat gland secretion, it is extremely easy to breed bacteria. In addition, the female urethra is short, straight and wide, and close to the vagina and anus, which are easily contaminated, so it is vulnerable to infection.
2. 2000 cc of water, 5-6 times of urination

Here we remind you to drink at least 2000 cc of water every day in summer, that is to say, at least 4 large cups, to ensure that the daily normal voiding frequency is 5-6 times, so as toeffectively wash out the urethra and avoid infection and inflammation. And for women who spend a long time outdoors , they need to increase the amount of water drinking to ensure that they have adequate moisture in their bodies.
In the outpatient clinic, most female patients with summer urethritis have something in common: long outdoor activities, very little daily water intake. Here, I want to remind you that in summer, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, and the surface temperature of outdoor is very high. If you spend a long time outdoors, sweat will evaporate quickly, and the human body will unconsciously lose moisture. In this case, women can easily suffer from urethritis.

If you find yourself urinating frequently, with little urine volume and the color is yellowish, often accompanied by tingling sensation, sometimes with the feeling of endless urine, you should be alert to whether you have caught urethritis. In this case, you should go to the hospital in time for diagnosis, and do not delay the treatment. Treatments include:
1. Application of antibiotics

At present, there are many kinds of chemical tablets for treatment, so 2-3 drugs can be selected according to the types of pathogens and drug sensitivity, and the curative effect is usually better. When symptoms disappear completely, normal urine test is required, and if bacterial culture is negative, the chemical medication should be continued for 7 to 10 days.
2. Auxiliary treatment

In the acute stage, we should drink more water to increase the urine volume, which can flush the urethra. If you have frequent urination, urgency and pain, you can take antispasmodic drugs, and remove the various causes of urethritis. Urethritis caused by sexually transmitted diseases should be treated at the same time with the spouse, otherwise it is difficult to cure.
Or you can choose natural therapy, or herbal medicine for example, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, it is a pure herbal prescription for female urinary infection and inflammations. The chief doctor of Wuhan TCM Clinic, the inventor of this medication, has summed up through 30 years of clinical experience. Because of the remarkable effect, the medicine has been authorized as a national patented medicine.
The pills are mainly composed of plantago seed, dianthus superbus, herba polygoni avicularis, cordate houttuynia, and over 50 other herbs, which has the main functions of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, anti-inflammation and detumescence, they don't produce any drug resistance or side effects. Along with a diet plan, the patient will recover with a healthy urinary and reproductive system and with low rate of recurrence.
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