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Something About Men's Urinary Bifurcation
Urinary bifurcation is generally divided into physiological bifurcation and pathological bifurcation. The former is sporadic or transient, mostly unrelated to disease; the latter is a frequent or long-term bifurcation of urine, which may be related to the prostate and should be diagnosed and treated in time.  
There are many reasons for the bifurcation of urine. Urinary bifurcation occurs in many men after excessive sexual activity, but more reasons are related to many factors of male body such as urethral orifice stenosis caused by phimosis, sequelae of gonorrhea urethritis, bifurcation of urine caused by inflammatory diseases, long-term bifurcation of urine, infectious diseases of reproductive system and so on may cause male bifurcation of urine.   

The prepuce is too long and the urethral orifice is narrow due to phimosis. Urinary bifurcation can also occur when the prepuce is too long, the urethral orifice is partly narrowed by phimosis, or there are small stones in the urethra. Patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy may also have a bifurcation of urination, which should be treated as soon as possible. Appropriate treatment was obtained after diagnosis. Sequelae of gonorrhea urethritis.   
During the onset of acute urethritis, due to urethral congestion, swelling, secretion, also cause urinary bifurcation, must be treated in time. Urinary bifurcation caused by common diseases of the urogenital system, such as urethritis, prostatitis, etc., in addition to bifurcation of urine, often accompanied by frequency of urination, urgency of urine, urinary pain and other symptoms, the pathogenic causes are usually bacteria, chlamydia, mycoplasma, trichomonas, mould and so on. Pathological long-term bifurcation of urination. Long-term bifurcation of urination, as long as the bifurcation of urination, it is a pathology.   

Common is suffering from urethritis, because of repeated attacks of inflammation, after a long period part of the urethral intima tissue formed scars, resulting in part of urethral stricture, will occur bifurcation and dysuria phenomenon. Urinary bifurcation caused by excessive sexual activity or sexual life sometimes occurs after sexual excitement or sexual life. The former causes genital hyperemia due to sexual excitement and increases the secretion of the glands in the urethra, while the latter causes the residual semen to flow out from the urethra. The function of the former is similar to that of the latter when inflammation occurs.  
Simple bifurcation of urine can not explain what the problem, need to be combined with other clinical symptoms to do a comprehensive analysis. If the patient has a long-term bifurcation of urine and can't distinguish the cause, it is suggested that the patient should go to the hospital in time to check the prostatic fluid, urine, secretion and so on to confirm which kind of disease he is suffering from before he can treat the disease. If the bifurcation of urine is caused by inflammation, it should be treated immediately.  
Fortunately, male prostatitis, urethritis, and other reproductive and urinary diseases can be cured by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, herbal medicine. Patients can improve the pathological bifurcation symptoms by taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for about 1 to 3 courses of treatment. The pill can also treat and improve other discomforts caused by reproductive and urinary system diseases.
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