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Cranberry Juice Is a Helpful Remedy for UTI
UTI occur no matter when bacteria invade into the urethra and then spread to the bladder, thus bladder infections would occur— and while this may not sound like that big of a deal, UTI can move from  bladder to kidneys and then bring more serious damages to your body.
There are more than 50% of women infect with urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point during their whole life. More than one in five women would suffer from the second UTI. As a matter of fact, UTI is the second most common kind of infection of human body. Through the dates in the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, each year about 8.1 million patients to hospital are UTI patients in the United States.
The cranberry juice is said to have great effects on curing UTI symptoms. The cranberry juice is welcomed warmly by UTI patients, because cranberry juice is tasty and easy to get. And drinking cranberry juice is not only helpful for reducing UTI symptoms, but also can bring many advantages to people of all ages.
Cranberry juice could work on UTI rapidly and reliably, and it could keep both males and females away from the bothersome UTI symptoms. For females who have UTI it is an important mainstay. Even doctors are likely to recommend this juice for UTI patients for its amazing effects on preventing bacteria from sticking and causing infections.
And regarding to the theory of how theory cranberry juice work on UTI symptoms. Many studies say that certain antioxidants in cranberries can transform the bacteria, and stop the certain antioxidants invading to the urinary tract. Other studies show that cranberries can produce a Teflon-like slippery coating on the walls of urinary tract to stop E. coli from getting a good grip.
However, even cranberry juice would work well on relieving UTI symptoms, it couldn't kill the bacteria completely, and thus it is hard for you to get rid of these symptoms without reoccurrence.
Fortunately, there is a better solution for UTI, the herbal supplement "diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill". It is made from natural herbs, so it is as safe as cranberry juice. Although it may not taste as good as cranberry juice, it has shown better effects on clearing up symptoms of UTI. And through clinic cases, this herbal supplement could drive away all UTI symptoms without reoccur.
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