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Holding a Full Bladder Is Harmful, UTI Break the Mood to Enjoy Beautiful Scenery

The long holiday is approaching; many people start planning a trip to go out. Travel can let you free from work and life pressure. However, if do not pay attention to small details in the travel, it is likely get infect with urinary tract infection (uti) which will break your mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Every holiday, it is always hard to buy train tickets. Once you buy a ticket, when you get on the train, you will find it is full of people. Some people buy standing tickets, crowded in the middle of the crowd is even worse.
If feel the urgency to urinate in the train, you can realize it is inconvenience to go to the toilet in the crowded train. Single people will worry about if they leave the seat, someone will take "unjust gain". So if it is not far from the destination, they will endure in their seats. The endure could last about dozens of minutes, when they get off and they probably can't find the toilet. A full bladder has been hold for so long is easy to occur urinary problems, uncomfortable UTI symptoms, such as frequency urination, urgent urination, and painful urination would occur.
Even you travel with family members or friends, there are so many people in the train, and you need to wait a long line to urinate. Sometimes, because there are so many people, you haven't walked there, someone jump the queue, then you have waited for another chance. This kind of helpless, there are a lot of people have experienced. Even you could enter into the toilet successfully, if you don't wash your hands before and after urination, you still at high risk of getting UTI.
To males, hold a full bladder in this way would not only do harm to urinary tract, but also can do great harm to prostate. If you don't deal with these details well during the travel, you would be bothered by these problems in your journey even in your daily life. Travel satisfaction has not dissipated yet, but disease troubles have come, this is really not worth the cost of travel.
Imaging that if you feel frequency to urinate, urgent to urinate, or feel painful during urination, do you still have the mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery?  UTI really could break your mood during the journey. You should pay attention to these details, and try to don't hold a full bladder during the travel, no matter how difficult it is.
However, if unfortunately you infect with UTI in this way. Don't worry too much about it. It is curable, the herbal medicine "diuretic and anti-inflammatory" from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic, has helped thousands of patients get rid of UTI without reoccur. It is made from natural herbs; you could take it without any worries. And it is suitable for curing UTI both among males and females.
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