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8 effective natural home remedies for UTI pain and discomfort

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is actually a common health disease. While no matter at what ages, both men and women would get it, women and child seem easier to infect it. Men are less likely to infect UTI, however, if they do, it is more likely led by kidney stones or an enlarged prostate.
If the immediate treatment is given to it, then damage can't spread to the kidneys, UTI won't cause serious problem in this situation. UTI do show symptoms, so it is easy to realize it if you get it. Usually UTI patients would suffer from increased frequency of urination, a burning sensation while passing urine, pain in the lower abdomen, blood in the urine and possibly fever, nausea, and vomiting. So if you are experiencing these symptoms, you'd better go to do some relative tests.
If unfortunately, infect with UTI, don't worry, and below 8 effective natural home remedies would help you relieve your pain and discomfort.
1 Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is sufficient in enzymes, potassium and other useful minerals, which has the function of preventing bacteria, thus UTI couldn't multiply or grow. Apple Cider Vinegar could also work as natural antibiotic to fight against infection.
2 Cranberry Juices
Cranberry Juice is thought to contain proanthocyanidins, which can prevent bacteria reaching urethra walls. Cranberry juice has the similar functions with antibiotic, although it is mild.
3 Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil has the effects on kill bacteria that would cause bladder infections, such as UTI. Wash your urethra opening with tea tree oil; it is effective on reducing UTI pain.
4 Baking Soda
Baking soda has the function of raising the acid-base balance of acidic urine, your UTI pain would be relieved in this way. Neutralizing the acidity in the urine also will help speed up the healing process.
5 Enjoy Parsley Water
Parsley water can act as a diuretic, it can not only help ease a urinary tract infection but also help you recovery in a shorter time.
6 Chew Some Celery Seeds
Celery seeds also have the near effects as diuretic; chewing a handful of celery seeds can increase your urination.
7 Ginger Tea
Ginger has the function of anti-inflammation, so ginger tea certainly can help to prevent inflammation, reduce current inflammation, and reduce pain.
8 Pineapple
Pineapple is rich in an enzyme called Bromelain, which has anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce UTI symptoms. It could help you get rid of UTI infection, if you take it with antibiotics. What's more, eating pineapple daily, can keep you away from UTI.
There natural home remedies are useful for reducing UTI pain and discomfort; however, they couldn’t cure UTI without taking medicine. If you want to get rid of pain and discomfort forever, herbal medicine”diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill” may has this function. It is made from natural herbs, so it is as safe as the vegetables we eat. It has the same functions as antibiotics, but does not has the side effects or drug resistances as antibiotics do. Thus it could eliminate UTI completely without reoccur.
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