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Is There Any Fertility Hope in Patients with Asthenospermia?
As sperm is essential for males, it significantly impacts a man's life. Under normal circumstances, within about an hour after ejaculation, the number of viable sperm should be more than 70%. If the motility of sperm is lower than 50%, it is abnormal, which is defined as low sperm motility or asthenospermia.
Asthenospermia is a significant cause of male infertility that can not be ignored. However, whether men with the condition can have children depends on the degree of the disease. If it is mild, it generally has no significant impact on fertility; but if it is severe, it will affect fertility.

If male patients have asthenospermia, they are very prone to infertility. But there are exceptions. They should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. According to the different etiologies of patients, targeted treatment can effectively improve sperm motility and pregnancy rate. The effective combination of herbal medicines and chemical medicines can adjust the human endocrine, improve testicular, epididymal, blood circulation, promote sperm production and maturation, thereby obtaining motility and fertilization ability. That dramatically increases the likelihood of childbearing.
Drug iontophoresis is feasible for men with low sperm motility caused by inflammation. The technology is to introduce drug ions into the body through direct current so that the properties of the drug have a chemical effect on specific tissues in the body. It will promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, and eliminate various inflammations.
If varicocele leads to low sperm motility, patients can choose the minimally invasive nano-surgical terminal technology. This technology achieves fine separation of the internal spermatic artery and vein for visual manipulation. The operation does not damage the testicular artery and lymph, ensuring the integrity of the organ function. Three months after the procedure, the sperm and semen treatment can effectively improve and restore fertility.
While applying the above methods, patients can take Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill to improve asthenospermia. Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill is a herbal medicine developed by 30 years of theoretical research and clinical practice. It aims to treat infertility caused by oligospermia and asthenospermia and helps patients realize the possibility of fertility.
The possibility of asthenospermia is not zero. Only by strictly receiving treatment, paying more attention in life, and improving living habits can patients cure diseases of the urogenital system, including asthenospermia, and improve their reproductive ability. The following are suggestions in daily life for patients with asthenospermia.
1. Be wary of hot baths and saunas
The testes need to be 1 to 1.5 degrees Celsius lower than the average body temperature for sperm production. High temperature harms spermatogenesis in the testis, although the result is temporary.
2. Exercise, but in moderation
Studies have shown that if patients exercise wildly, their bodies release more steroids, affecting conception.
3. Avoid depression or excessive fatigue
A chronically depressed and fatigued man may not have high-quality sperm or healthy sex life.
4. Quit smoking
That is probably the most important external factor that affects fertility. Smoking can drastically reduce male fertility and decrease sperm count and motility. According to statistics, the sperm count of male smokers is 17% lower than the average. Under passive smoking, patients are also suffering from it, and their fertility rate will be significantly reduced. However, the proven good news is that men who quit smoking have an 800% increase in sperm counts.
5. Have a regular lifestyle
If men ignore sexual hygiene, it will lead to impaired reproductive capacity. The reason is that if bacterial infection occurs during sexual life, it will cause prostatitis, epididymitis, vasitis, and seminal vesiculitis, affecting the storage, survival, and output of sperm, resulting in male infertility.
To sum up, as long as men with asthenospermia choose the correct treatment method, supplemented by herbal medicines, and develop good living habits, they can significantly improve the possibility of fertility.
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