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Is There Great Hope for Patients with Necrospermia to Be Cured?

Sperm is an important prerequisite for male fertility. Yet, many men suffer from necrospermia, which affects their fertility, causing them to lose their right to be a father and the dignity that a man deserves.

any Hope for necrospermia cure

Necrospermia is a condition in which the viability of spermatozoa decreases, and more than 90% of the spermatozoa are dead. However, sperm that are not moving on microscopic examination are not necessarily dead sperm, and the diagnosis of necrospermia can only be made after eosin staining.

Nowadays, Necrospermia has become one of the most important causes of male infertility, and patients want to recover as soon as possible. So, is there much hope of a cure for patients with necrospermia?

The answer is yes; for the treatment of necrospermia, men can be cured with positive cooperation.

Many diseases can cause necrospermia in men. To cure necrospermia, men should find out the cause of necrospermia and then carry out targeted treatment. Usually, after the cause is eliminated, necrospermia will improve or disappear.

In treating necrospermia, if it is caused by various inflammatory diseases, such as orchitis and spermatitis, anti-inflammatory treatment should be carried out. As long as the inflammation can be reduced and eliminated, the living environment and quality of sperm will be improved. Safer and more effective choices include traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Patients with necrospermia should also follow the relevant precautions during the treatment. Eating more food that is good for the kidneys and doing more physical exercise to enhance immunity and physical fitness are good aids to the treatment.

Necrospermia can be cured, but first, patients need to find the cause of the disease and then carry out the treatment from the root. Moreover, patients should pay attention to health care in normal times to recover.

Causes of Necrospermia?

1. Autoimmunity: Studies have found that male autoimmunity can affect fertility, and anti-sperm antibodies can affect sperm production and delivery.

2. Varicocele: Due to the blood circulation obstacle of testicles and epididymis, the local temperature rises, and toxic substances accumulate, which makes sperm activity low and leads to necrospermia.

3. Reproductive infections: Reproductive infections contribute to changes in the composition of seminal plasma, while zinc, magnesium, citric acid, fructose reduction, and PH elevation will directly affect sperm vitality, such as seminal vesiculitis, vasculitis, epididymitis, prostate disease, and so on.

4. A long period of abstinence: Long-term non-ejaculation tends to be very high sperm density, dead sperm, and poor sperm vitality, so before checking the semen, men should abstain from sex for 3-5 days is appropriate.

How is necrospermia diagnosed?

1. Medical History Inquiry: Whether high-temperature work, have no sauna habits, whether excessive smoking, drinking alcohol.

2. Physical Examination: Testicular development, spermatic cord development, whether the epididymis is enlarged, whether there is varicocele.

3. Seminal fluid dynamics analysis: Abstinence for 3-5 days, eosin staining and observation under a high magnification microscope.

4. Semen exfoliative cytology analysis: For etiological localization.

5. Microbiological examination of semen: Mycoplasma, chlamydia.

6. Prostate fluid examination: Observe whether there are leukocytes in the prostate fluid.

7. Check seminal plasma biochemistry: Observe seminal plasma fructose, seminal plasma a-glucosidase, seminal plasma zinc, seminal plasma elastic sclerostinase, and so on.

The above are the relevant answers to whether necrospermia patients can be cured. Men should not lose hope; with a positive attitude, treatment can be effective, combined with individual adjustments, leading to improved sperm survival rates and reduced chances of necrospermia.

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