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Is Food Supplement Enough for Curing Asthenospermia?

For asthenospermia, a significant factor affecting male fertility, it is essential for patients to engage in timely treatment. But except for medical treatment, many male patients attach more importance to adjuvant treatment methods such as supplementary food as an effective therapy. Many patients with asthenospermia consume a lot of high nutritional value supplements such as sea cucumber, ginseng, and oysters in the hope of curing the disease as soon as possible and drastically solving the problem of asthenospermia.

Asthenospermia patients eat a lot of supplements, which of course, are beneficial to the body. Those foods are rich in a large amount of protein, vitamins, and other nutrients, enabling patients to strengthen their bodies, improve immunity, increase hormone secretion, improve the quantity and quality of male sperm, enhance sexual performance, and effectively reduce the condition of asthenospermia.
However, food supplements alone can only enhance the patient's physical fitness and reduce symptoms but can not radically cure asthenospermia. The patient's symptoms may be relieved by dietary supplements, but they can relapse. To completely fix Asthenospermia, patients still need regular treatment and professional measures. Patients can choose from the following treatment options.
1. Chemical medicine treatment
Patients may choose antioxidant therapy. Excessive reactive oxygen species in semen are primary mechanisms leading to poor semen quality. Antioxidants are feasible to improve male fertility. Commonly used drugs include vitamin E, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, lycopene, etc.
Patients can also choose anti-infection treatment. For infertile male patients with evident genital tract infection, the use of sensitive antibiotics to treat and eliminate infection is beneficial to improving male fertility.
Patients can use L-carnitine. That is a vital substance involved in the energy metabolism of epididymal sperm and is often used in the treatment of oligoasthenospermia.
Patients can receive intravenous pentoxifylline. The drug can block the conversion of CAMP to AMP, increase glycolysis and ATP production, and help to improve sperm concentration, motility, and percentage of normal morphology.
2. Surgical treatment
In some patients with asthenospermia, surgery can improve fertility. For example, in patients with oligoasthenospermia due to varicocele, the semen quality can be improved to a certain extent after surgical treatment. There are four methods of surgical treatment of varicocele: open surgery, laparoscopic spermatic vein ligation, microscopic spermatic vein ligation, and interventional therapy.
Asthenospermia patients can also achieve fertility through IVF. Generally, patients with mild to moderate asthenospermia can be treated with drugs, surgery, etc., to improve sperm quality, and then artificial insemination can be used for conception. For patients with severe asthenospermia, second-generation IVF treatment is recommended.
The second generation of IVF is intracytoplasmic sperm injection. It is to take out the sperm of patients with asthenospermia, select the one with better quality and vitality after optimization treatment, and directly inject it into the oocyte cytoplasm under the microscope to help it fertilize and then transfer the formed embryo back to the mother's uterus.
3. Herbal medicine treatment
Compared with chemical medicine, herbs have better efficacy and fewer side effects; they are safer and have no postoperative complications and sequelae compared with surgical treatment.
Patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to effectively treat asthenospermia caused by male genital and urinary system diseases. As a natural herbal medicine, this medicine can improve sperm motility and sperm quality in men. It is a good choice for patients with asthenospermia.
Asthenospermia patients should not take the disease lightly and only rely on supplements to solve the problem. Patients should take scientific and effective treatment. At the same time, patients with asthenospermia need to maintain their hygiene and health in everyday life. For example, patients can participate in more physical exercises to enhance their physical fitness; do not be picky eaters, and keep a balanced diet to eliminate asthenospermia fundamentally.
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