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Is WiFi Killing Your Sperm?
Nowadays, the coverage of WiFi is getting higher and higher, such as home, company, restaurant, train, and so on. WiFi access points can everywhere, so how much radiation do these wireless network access points generate? Is it harmful to male sperm?
WiFi experimental evidence from an Argentine study published online claims that laptop WiFi reduces sperm motility in men. 

Rumor: WiFi is the culprit of spermicide.
Truth: 1 year WiFi radiation = tens of minutes of a call
First of all, the electromagnetic band used in WiFi wireless Internet is generally 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz, which is only slightly higher than the frequency used by mobile phones. In 2007, the Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority (HKTA) measured the radiation intensity around 62 WiFi wireless routers in restaurants, convenience stores, libraries, residential buildings, offices, and other locations in the city. The results showed that WiFi radiation was only 0.03%-0.3% of the safety limit of the International Committee on Non-ionizing Radiation.
The British Health Protection Agency has estimated that even if a person stays next to a wireless router for a whole year, the radiation equivalent to only a few minutes of the call.
Professor Zhang Jianping, director of Obstetrics Department of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, said that the experiment of WiFi radiation in semen outside the body was different from sperm inside the body, and repeated tests were not carried out. 
There were also unreasonable places in the setting of a control group. Therefore, it is too early to deduce from this absurd experiment that WiFi will affect human health and lead to infertility. More research is needed to verify it.

Zhang Jianping shows that some experts and scholars have engaged in radiation research for a long time in China. The most common wireless router has a working power of 30-500 MW, which is lower than that of ordinary mobile phones. And compared with mobile phones, WiFi devices such as wireless routers are much farther away from users, which makes the power density of people receiving radiation much smaller. 
The World Health Organization also pointed out that "up to now, there is no evidence that the use of mobile phones can bring about negative health effects." Because of the relationship between WiFi radiation and human reproductive health, there is no conclusive evidence that WiFi can lead to infertility, abortion, and fetal malformation.
WiFi and routers are not so terrible. Instead of worrying about the harm of them, we should worry about the sperm killers who is well-known a long time in our lives. Next, the microtherapist tells you how to control these killers.
In ordinary life, negative impact on sperm includes wearing tight pants, sitting for a long time, not paying attention to private hygiene, alcohol, smoking, and other reproductive and urinary system diseases: prostatitis, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc.
When you have those diseases, it is suggested to go to the regular hospital in time and receive scientific treatment. You can also try Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which are natural, safe and no side effects. It can effectively kill bacteria and eliminate inflammation, clear away heat, detoxify, cure diseases from the root, and improve your sperm quality.

Radiation is everywhere in our life. Besides WiFi, computers, mobile phones, televisions, microwave ovens, printers, and other items will produce electromagnetic radiation. But the radiation power of these electrical appliances is not large, and the impact on the human body is negligible. 
Basically, in the safe range, it can only affect the skin surface. Only when the electromagnetic radiation intensity of people's environment exceeds a certain limit or produces cumulative effects, it have adverse effects on human health. So there is no need to worry and protect too much.
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