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Relationships between Emotions and Azoospermia
In general, the strength of sperm seems to be closely related to male sexual ability, but the fact is that sperm can also be changed with men's emotions, they are sensitive and fragile. All kinds of external or internal pressures in life may reduce its vitality, or even kill its vitality.

Emotions not only affect women's endocrine but also affect men's sperm production, maturation, and motility. Because each patient's health condition is different, and the condition is different. Common cases like discord between husband and wife, family trifles, blame, both sides will be in trouble and distress for a long time. And such a bad mood will affect the nervous system and endocrine function, affect sperm production, maturity, and ability. In severe cases, sperm is more likely to be immature.
Some men have not only life pressure but also work pressure. Daily work fatigue or overcautious preparation and over the tension of work lead to negative emotions. In these all-day mental state, male nervous system and endocrine function will be directly affected, resulting in the disorder of testicular spermatogenesis function, semen secretion, such as prostatic fluid, seminal vesicle fluid, urine. 
Douglas gland fluid and other components are also affected, which is not conducive to sperm survival, thus greatly reducing the probability of successful pregnancy. Severe cases may cause premature ejaculation or even no ejaculation due to emotional factors, and erectile dysfunction is more likely to occur.

There were Swedish doctors who compared 142 people's working hours and semen qualities without letting patients know. The results showed that the average number of people who paid samples in five minutes was 78 million per milliliter. Emotional anxiety takes more than fifteen minutes to complete the task, with only 28 million sperm worms per milliliter of semen. According to World Health Organization standards, spermatozoa have to be conceived at least 20 million/ml in liquid.
Psychologist Hurst found that men who have been sentenced in prison for a long time will stop sperm production altogether. Modern medicine believes that if the spirit is in a long-term state of sadness, sadness, and depression, the cerebral cortex, and endocrine function will be disordered, and testicular spermatogenesis will be disordered, which will lead to azoospermia, and the therapeutic effect of this condition is generally not satisfactory. 
However, another common obstructive azoospermia can be effectively improved by treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is undoubtedly an ideal choice because most of this situation is caused by acquired infection and inflammation, so taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to fight bacterial anti-inflammation, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis can ease the blockage of vas deferens. 

"It's an extreme situation, but the fact that men are totally deprived of reproductive capacity under extreme pressure," Hurst said. He believes that stress affects the ability to produce sperm by increasing the amount of one hormone under stress, which prevents the production of another hormone that produces sperm.
Men's sperm has a great deal to do with their emotions: Experts suggest that infertile couples should consider and adjust the influence of unhealthy psychological and emotional factors when their infertility causes are unknown because unhealthy mood affects sperm, and good reproductive health is based on good mental health.
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