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What living habits have the risk of infecting Necrospermia?

A case of infertility secondary to necrospermia was reinvestigated and reclassified as the immotile cilia syndrome. The immotile spermatozoa were viable but motionless owing to an ultrastructural defect of the tail characterized by absence of microtubular dynein sidearms. There is no therapy for this congenital disorder and artificial insemination was performed.
To help patients cure their infertility problems, their doctor may make various consults about their symptoms, living habits, and so on. When they are informed by their doctor that the leading cause of their infertility problem is related with their bad living habits, most of patients may have doubt on the result. So does necrospermia disease really have relations with the living habits of patients?
According to Dr. Lee, who is a herbalist specializing in the field of male and female reproductive and urinary system for over 30 years, with the living pressure and the change of social environment in men, the incidence of male infertility present a rising tendency. Among all causes of male infertility, necrospermia occupies an important position. What's more, the reasons leading to necrospermia are various, but it has great relations with the living habits according to some research.
1. Driving frequently
When one is driving, the urethra, scrotum, and perineum area are just oppressed by the seat. By this procedure, it can cause hyperaemia of these areas and can affect the functions of testis and epididymis, prostate and seminal vesicle gland so as to affect sperm production of the testicle.
2. Long-term Smoking and Drinking
Those male who have habit of smoking and drinking for a long time are easier to suffer from necrospermia. According to lots of data, the tobacco and alcohol contain much adverse composition to human being's physical health. Thus, if one drink and smoke for a long time, his sperm vitality will be reduced or even necrospermia can be caused.
3. Sauna or wear tight trousers
For men who are good at sauna or wearing tight trousers, the temperature of their testicle will become higher and that can change the living environment of the sperm and lead to necrospermia problem.
4. Poor Mental Status
If men's mental state is poor, it may have negative effect on the internal secretion and lead to difficulty on sperm production.
Experts suggest all male should form a good living habit in their daily life. If one suffers from necrospermia unfortunately, it's suggested to accept treatments as soon as possible or it may cause worse effects later. Herbal medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good option compared with antibiotics, because it is made from Chinese herbs without any side effects and drug resistance. 
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