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Can Nil Sperm Count Be Reversed?

Nil sperm count is a health condition that no sperm is found in semen fluid. This is a common cause of infertility in men, however, the treatment of nil sperm count depends on the causing factor of this condition.

Causes of nil sperm count varies but there're two basic conditions:
- The testicles produce sperm but they cannot be carried out via spermduct, which is also called obstructive nil sperm count.
- The testicles doesn't produce sperm, which is also called non-obstructive nil sperm count.

Obstructive nil sperm count is caused by two factors: varicocele and spemrduct blockage.

Non-obstructive nil sperm count can be caused by the following factors:
- Certain hormonal disorders
- Testicle conditions
- Klinefelter's syndrome

Among all these causes, most of them can be treated. Spermduct blockage and varicocele is often treated with surgery, while spermduct blockage caused by inflammations or infections can be treated with medication as well. Hormonal disorders and testicle conditions are often treated with medication. All of above conditions can be treated in a certain period, except for Klinefelter's syndrome. Men with Klinefelter's syndrome may need long-term or even life-long treatment with hormonal therapies. As a result, only those with very severe maldevelopment of testicles are irreversible.

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