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How do Men Test Their Semen Quality by Themselves?

It is believed that many men are concerned about their semen quality and want to know whether their semen quality is good, especially some men who are preparing for pregnancy. Because semen quality is easy to affect their next generation, so they are particularly concerned. And men want to know how can they know whether their semen quality is good through a few small details.

1. Look at the color of semen  
Generally, healthy semen is a light yellow or milky white color. If the semen changes color, turning into red or yellow, then there is a problem with semen quality. If the semen is yellow, it's most likely to have an inflammation of the reproductive system, such as prostatitis, which can cause yellow semen. If the semen turns red or dark red, it could be a sign of chronic bleeding in the body's reproductive system, or repeated inflammation.  
2. Smell the odor of semen  
In general, healthy semen smells like heather, which is not a great odor but can be tolerated by the nose. If your semen has a distinct odor, such as a severe odor or stench, it could be a sign of infection or other inflammation in your reproductive organs.  
3. Check the viscosity of semen  
Normal semen is neither too thick nor too thin, which can indicate inflammation of the reproductive organs. If the semen is too thin or thick, it means the sperm is of poor quality. If the semen is too thin, it means it contains fewer sperm. If the semen is too thick, it can prevent the sperm from passing through the barrier and suffocate the semen, both of which are evident that a man's semen quality is enough severe to affect his fertility.  
4. Check the amount of semen  
In general, the quality of sperm can also be a simple judgment of the overall quality of sperm from the amount of semen. Many males are suffering from male diseases, leading to a decrease in sperm count, such as prostatitis, orchitis, etc., which will lead to a decrease in sperm count, or some men's inappropriate diet will lead to abnormalities in reproductive organs, and a decrease in sperm count and semen quality.
Can patients with abnormal semen recover?  
Indeed, patients with abnormal semen can slowly recover, and the methods of recovery include in the following points:  
1. Nutritional supplement: Patients can eat more calcium-rich foods such as shrimp skin, salted eggs, soybeans, etc. Calcium ions can stimulate sperm maturation. You can also eat foods rich in zinc, such as shellfish, grains, beef and milk, which can help improve semen quality. You can also eat more foods that contain arginine that is an essential ingredient in semen formation.  
2. Smoking and drinking: Tobacco and alcohol are the "number one natural enemies" of sper. Substances such as nicotine can directly affect sperm motility and fertilization ability, increasing the rate of deformity and sperm death. Alcohol can affect the function of male gonads.  
3. Traditional Chinese medicine: Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the function of promoting blood circulation, strengthening the recovery of human body, improving automatic immunity and enhancing reproductive ability. It can be used to treat male abnormal sperm caused by prostatitis vesiculitis and other diseases. 

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