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Nine Early Signs of Pregnancy

Early pregnancy symptoms mainly introduce the early pregnancy, and mothers’ body will have some changes, understanding these symptoms are more conducive to normal pregnancy life. In the first month of pregnancy, and pregnant women will not feel that the beginning of a new life. However, there are some important signs, which will remind women of childbearing age that she may be pregnant.
Below are nice early signs of pregnancy that may indicate you may get pregnant.
1, menopause
This is the most ordinary symptom of pregnancy that people often ignore it. Women of reproductive age as long as menstruation is normal, at ordinary times two weeks after sex more than normal menstrual period, it is possible to be pregnant. But not all cases of menopause is pregnant, there are many reasons for the menopause, may be because of ovarian function not beautiful, or abnormal hormone secretion, work busy, exams, and so on, they all can cause menstruation late phenomenon.
2 always have the feeling of nausea and vomiting
Almost a lot of early pregnancy women often have the feeling of nausea, vomiting, especially in the morning. These symptoms are different from person to person, some fairly minor symptoms, some are very serious. Unless you nausea or vomiting are very serious, then you need to go to see your doctor, otherwise these are normal phenomenon of early pregnancy.
3, breasts bigger, become sensitive
Sensitive, breast pain is also a sign of early pregnancy; this is caused by hormone levels increase. The premenstrual pain feeling with you is very similar, only more intense. The premenstrual pain feeling is similar with your pain before your period, but it is more intense.
4, abdominal distension
Hormonal changes early in pregnancy may make you feel bilge gas. Some women also have this feeling before the arrival of the period. This is why early pregnancy in your uterus is small; you will feel the waist strained of clothes.
5, the basal body temperature increase
The basal body temperature can reflect the body energy metabolism in quiet condition. The basal body temperature among women of childbearing age is associated with ovarian hormone cycles. After ovulation, body temperature will rise by 0.3 to 0.3 ℃, until 1 to 2 days before menstruation or the first day of menstruation. If the basal body temperature rise after menstruation's coming time, and the basal body temperature continues increasing for 16 days, it is more likely to conceive. If this situation lasts for 3 months, you can be sure get pregnant, but you also need to rule out the can make the temperature by factors such as systemic infections, colds, etc.
6, frequent urination
Shortly after pregnancy, you may find yourself always ran to the toilet. Why? Mainly because during pregnancy, blood and other fluids increase, leading to more liquid through renal processing into the bladder, they become urine. Frequency urination may occur as early as at 6th weeks of your pregnancy.
7, more sensitive to smell
Pregnant women can become more sensitive to smell. In early pregnancy, you may can't stand the smell of cooking frying or tea, some flavor will make you sick. Like fatigue, although no one has been able to determine the reason, may be due to the rapid increase of estrogen in your body. In addition, you might find that what you like to eat at ordinary times suddenly will make you feel sick.
8. Fatigure
Some pregnant women will suddenly feel tired, and even feel exhausted. So far, there is no one knows for sure what is the exact cause of pregnant early fatigue. However, the rapid increase of progesterone (also called progesterone) level may make you feel special fatigue.
9, self-test pregnancy was positive
Positive pregnancy test result should be the most concrete signs of pregnancy.
Many self-test pregnancy reagent in women miss menstruation after 1 week, to measure most of the pregnancy. So if you had done the test before this, and got the positive result, you could test it again several days later.
To be clear, different groups of pregnant reaction have great differences, only through early pregnancy symptoms to determine whether their pregnancy is not scientific. Women's physical changes are likely to be caused by diseases, the factors such as environmental changes inside the body, may not be caused by pregnancy. Women must be do HCG urine or HCG test at hospital, and ultrasound, so as to accurately determine whether you have gotten pregnant, and then make the right treatment.
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