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Is Frigidity or Low Libido a Disease? Be Aware of Orchitis and Epididymitis!
The appearance of male frigidity is not accidental. It usually has reasons and certain symptoms. And if men understand the reasons and symptoms of male frigidity, they will know what's going on. When emotions are repeated, if men have low libido, love without passion, high blood fat, and other symptoms of frigidity, they may need to check in detail.

Six reasons for male frigidity:
1. Sexual organ diseases:
Sex organs secrete androgen, which makes people produce sexual desire. After sexual desire occurs, androgen secretion decreases, and libido decreases. Common diseases of sexual organs include orchitis and epididymitis. It should be treated as soon as possible after discovery to prevent fertility disorders.
If it is acute orchitis and epididymitis, antibiotics are generally used because the effect is quick. If the acute illness is not treated in time or incomplete, it may become a chronic disease. 
Chronic orchitis and epididymitis are recommended to use conservative treatment-medication. Because the continued use of antibiotics will produce resistance or side effects, herbal medicine can avoid these problems well. For example, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is composed of more than 50 herbs, and long-term use will not cause harm to the body.
2. Neuropsychiatric diseases:
The nervous system dominates sexual desire. If the nervous system develops diseases, it will lose interest in sexual life and cause sexual apathy. Common such diseases include neurasthenia, melancholic psychosis, and abnormal personality.
3. Endocrine system diseases:
Human libido is closely related to the endocrine system. Various hormones secreted by the endocrine system can regulate human sexual function. When the endocrine system develops diseases, if the secretion of sex hormones is less, the human libido will decrease, and even sexual apathy will occur, which is common. Such diseases include hypothyroidism, adrenal cortex insufficiency, and pituitary gland dysfunction.
4. Liver disease:
The liver is involved in the metabolism of human hormones. When the liver is diseased and the liver function is impaired, it can reduce androgen in a man's body and relatively increase estrogen, making men feminine, and men's libido naturally declines. Common such diseases include hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, and so on.
5. Excessive use of tobacco and alcohol:
After the nicotine in the cigarette and the alcohol in the wine being absorbed by the body, they will inhibit the body's production of androgens. They can block the pathway of nerve reflex in sexual life, reduce sexual function, and lead to sexual apathy. Therefore, it is one of the measures to maintain normal sexual function for men to quit smoking and alcohol or use as little alcohol and tobacco as possible.
6. Excessive physical fatigue:
Irregular life, inability to work and rest on time, and stress at work make the body overly fatigued. The brain needs to concentrate on resting the body to maintain the best state of the body, so the demand for sex is reduced, resulting in a phenomenon of sexual indifference. Therefore, even strong men should pay attention to proper rest to maintain good sexual function.

What are the symptoms of male frigidity?
1. The most obvious symptom of frigidity is low libido
Normal male response to sexual stimulation is a sharp increase in the level of hormones in the body, which is then manifested as an erection of the penis. And men with frigidity are indifferent to sexual stimulation, let alone erect penis. A survey of men with indifferent sex showed that there was no joy or even disgust in their hearts when they saw naked women.
2. Repeated emotions
The functions of the nerve and endocrine systems are closely linked. The decline in androgen levels leads to a significant decrease in neurological stability. It cannot withstand the small impact of the outside world. It is easy to become fragile, irritable, and lack self-confidence. It is related to the mood disorder of female menopause Same thing.
3. Unenthusiastic sex life
It is said that ninety-nine percent of male heads are sex. But with the decrease of male hormones, especially testosterone (an important material medium for the production of sexual desire), sex may be in the male head more often. Men cannot put it into action, so it is directly manifested as sexual indifference.
4. High blood fat
Sex hormones are as important to male blood vessels as sunscreen is to womble skin. Clinical studies have shown that sex hormones can prevent atherosclerosis of blood vessels in men. Testosterone can reduce bad cholesterol (high-density cholesterol) in the blood and reduce blood viscosity. Without it, excessive blood lipids will delay blood flow.
5. Other aspects of frigidity
Some patients with severe frigidity do not have symptoms of inability to erect their penis. But it is the misogyny from the heart. It can be said that they have a homosexual tendency, but they are not homosexual patients. Then the analysis may be due to the relative increase in estrogen in the body, leading to the feminization of men. 
The other is a sexual, psychological deformity, which was instilled with unhealthy sexual knowledge since childhood. For example, his parents taught him that sex is indecent behavior, or he has been sexually abused and has psychological deformities.

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