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Orchitis is Causing Miserable Damage to Men
In recent years, male issues have been a source of attention in society, and the media have frequently reported on these issues. In fact, in addition to excessive stress, male physical health has always been society's concern. Due to the pressure of life, many men sit and work for a long time, drink little water, eat irregularly, and often stay up late. As a result, many diseases come quietly.
As a typical male disease, orchitis has always plagued the majority of male compatriots. It brings great harm to the body and psychology and significantly impacts life and work.

According to research, orchitis is usually caused by bacteria and viruses. Orchitis is an inflammatory reaction caused by bacteria invading the testis, usually caused by retrograde infection. When there is a urinary tract infection, combined with difficult urination, bacteria enter the testis along the ejaculatory duct, seminal vesicle, vas deferens, and epididymis, causing Orchitis.
For the treatment of Orchitis, pain relievers are generally used to relieve swelling and edema caused by Orchitis. At the same time, rest in bed and lift the testicles, conducive to the recovery and subsidence of inflammation. The Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill developed by Wuhan herblist Li Xiaoping can play a perfect role in treating orchitis.
What are the dangers of orchitis?
1. to induce disease. If orchitis is not controlled and treated in time, it is likely to induce dangerous conditions, including prostatitis, endocrine disorders, nephritis, and other kidney diseases. In addition, it may also cause urinary infections, malignant tumors, etc., which will pose a significant threat to the lives of patients.
2.Lead to premature renal failure. Suppose orchitis is not cured for a long time. In that case, it will quickly lead to symptoms such as kidney deficiency and loss of vitality. Some patients will also be accompanied by symptoms of sore knees, which can easily lead to premature aging of patients.
3.Loss of fertility. Long-term orchitis will lead to a decline in the patient's sexual function, and in severe cases, loss of sexual function may occur, affecting everyday married life. Moreover, some patients with orchitis may also have dead sperm and azoospermia, which can cause the patient to lose fertility. Patients with orchitis can easily transmit germs to each other, resulting in gynecological diseases in women.
4. It can cause loss of sexual function. Orchitis can lead to the decline of male sexual function, or even complete loss of sexual function, which brings difficulties to the life of husband and wife.Contradictions between husband and wife increase, and family disharmony affects life. At the same time, he is also under a lot of psychological pressure, which affects the efficiency of work and loses confidence in life.
In short, the harm of Orchitis is very significant; male compatriots with this disease should pay attention to it and timely seek help from relevant experts in the hospital. At the same time, pay attention to daily hygiene, change underwear frequently, and exercise more.
Besides, do an excellent job of psychological counseling. You can communicate more with friends and relatives, relieve inner pressure, and coordinate the relationship between work and life. In addition, drink plenty of water, avoid prolonged sitting, and learn relevant disease knowledge.
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