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5 Reasons Why Orchitis Causes Male Infertility
The testis is an essential male reproductive organ. It not only produces sperm but also secretes androgens to promote the development of male accessory sex organs and secondary sexual characteristics. Therefore, when the testis is inflamed, it will not only affect the endocrine level and sexual function of men but even lead to male infertility in severe cases.

So do you know why?
The testicles are the sperm-producing organs in men and are very important for reproduction. If the testicles develop lesions, it will affect a man's fertility. Orchitis is one of the male reproductive system diseases, which is a manifestation of testicular lesions. Therefore, testicular inflammation can affect sperm production and, in severe cases, even lead to male infertility.
5 Reasons Why Orchitis Causes Male Infertility
1. Spermatic Obstruction
If the cause of spermatic obstruction is caused by some bacteria, such as gonococcus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The pathogen of orchitis not only harms sperm production by inflammation, but also easily shrinks or blocks the lumen of the epididymis, resulting in the blockage of azoospermia.
2. The Formation of Anti-Sperm Antibodies
The occurrence of orchitis is an essential reason for the formation of sperm antibodies. When the testis is inflamed, humoral immune substances and immune cells enter the inflamed epididymis, resulting in an immune response to pathogens and the formation of antibodies, which will affect the forward movement of sperm.
3. The Relative Decrease in Sperm Motility
When the epididymis is infected, sperm motility is correspondingly reduced. Some pathogens can directly damage sperm in the epididymis, inhibiting sperm motility or clumping sperm together. Some pathogens are adsorbed on the surface of sperms, making sperm reduce or lose their ability to move.
4. Testicular Atrophy Leads to Infertility
Patients with orchitis will have systemic symptoms such as high fever and cold, as well as signs of testicular pain and pain at the base of the thigh. Affected testicles are swollen and tender and may also fluctuate due to suppuration. Patients with viral orchitis have swelling and pain in the parotid glands. Therefore, in any case, orchitis must be treated in time to avoid male infertility caused by testicular atrophy with the progression of the disease.
5. The Great Increase In Sperm Mortality
Body protectors such as macrophages and white blood cells can also be indiscriminate in eradicating pathogens and accidentally kill sperm. Inflammatory metabolites will also be produced in large quantities to poison sperm or change the living environment of sperm. It reduces sperm motility and increases the number of dead sperm and the rate of deformity of sperm, which can lead to male infertility due to the decrease in sperm count.
Orchitis requires treatment. Bacteria and viruses mainly cause orchitis. Western medicine selects the corresponding treatment method according to the cause of orchitis in the treatment. So, there are mostly two kinds of clinical treatment: antibiotic and interferon.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment of diseases pays attention to overall interpretation and dialectical therapy. Chinese medicine believes that orchitis is mostly caused by the accumulation of damp-heat in the body. Therefore, TCM follows the principles of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis during treatment, and strives to achieve a comprehensive conditioning effect on patients.
To make the therapeutic drugs meet the treatment requirements of traditional Chinese medicine, Wuhan Li Xiaoping, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, combined her years of medical experience and invented the patented Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill based on the TCM theory. After years of repeated clinical verification, this traditional Chinese medicine formula not only has a significant effect in the treatment of orchitis but also can help patients to regulate the inner body, balance Qi and blood, and improve immunity to achieve the effect of eliminating the disease and consolidating the root of physical fitness.
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